What's Your #1 Reason For Coming To The Highlander Alumni Reunion?

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Only five more months until our BIG Camp Highlander Alumni Reunion! Have you registered yet? We asked some CH alums who are attending the reunion in September what they’re looking forward to the most. As you can imagine, pinpointing just a few things was a difficult task! One thing is for sure – it’s going to be an absolute blast!

Taylor Spectorsky

I look forward to spending time in my favorite place with the best of friends and my camp family! There’s just nothing like being on the mountain, with your favorite people, making new memories and reminiscing of our time at CH. CAN’T WAIT!!!

Andrew Cohen

At the last reunion, it made me so happy to look around and see so many other people who love Camp Highlander like I do. Being surrounded by all of these people who understand my love and appreciation of Highlander is my happy place.

Conner Busby

I’m looking forward to shouting Gus’s in the dining hall, sitting under a tree in my crazy Creek singing along to campfire, talking to G, getting all dressed up for a night of EP, and being on the mountain with people I truly see as family. There is no one part of the day that is better than the rest. It is all part of the magic of the mountain that really makes Camp Highlander a place like no other.

Samantha Anderson

For me, being on the mountain is so freeing. Being back there with friends who, over the years, have become family just makes it that much more special. It doesn’t really matter what we are doing; it’s all fun because we are there and can just let go and be kids again!

Mike Moskowitz

I’m looking forward to Gaynell ringing the bell and our singing grace before meals!

Dana (Gross) Lawson

Reuniting with old friends from decades past. Meeting new people. Campfire!

Jen (Gross) Lara

I’m looking forward to singing along to every. single. camp song. Hurrah!

Tiffany (Lydon) Weinreich

What do I look forward to most about the reunion? Besides walking all around camp and checking out all the nice improvements and also seeing what areas still look the same. I am most excited to see the people. I look forward to hanging out with everyone at the usual places in Box Canyon, Tenny Top, the Slab, in the gym, and at campfire listening to my favorite music. I look forward to seeing the current staff and owners and hear how camp is today, and to seeing everyone who went to camp when I was there from ’92-’01, and I look forward to seeing people who were at camp in the 80’s and hear their crazy stories from the past. One more thing I look forward to is taking my first step onto camp that taking a deep breath and smelling the fresh Highlander air!

Lori (Rabinowitz) Shook

I look most forward to square dancing, laying on the tennis courts with the stars out, sharing camp memories and stories, and being part of the WK Alumni team bringing home another win!

Julia Ade

I cannot wait until campfire! Campfire at the last reunion was, by far, the best one EVER! Bruce and Greg didn’t stop until every last request was played! It was epic!

Billy Medof

Well, of course, campfire. But more than anything, for just a few moments, transporting back to summer 1985.

Rhiannon (Stanton) Miller

I’m most excited for the nighttime cabin talks and seeing many of my friends who weren’t able to make the last one!

Adam Charnack

I’m looking forward to getting silly with old friends and to being a kid again for the weekend … and to beating everyone at foosball!

2017 marks our 60th year on Old Forge Mountain and we’re celebrating all year! You’re also invited to our big July 4th celebration! This free event will be packed with activities all day long, closing with our highly anticipated fireworks extravaganza! Click here to register!

From July 3-5, we are holding rooms for attendees at the Hilton at Biltmore Park for a discounted rate of $198 per night. Register for your room here. Please note, this block of rooms and special rate will expire on June 3, 2017.