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Evening Programs

When the sun goes down, the fun ramps up on Old Forge Mountain

Our Evening Program schedule offers a diverse and electrifying array of entertainment. From talent shows, carnivals and country fairs to camp-wide challenges and casino nights, we bring the fun with the setting of the sun.

Square Dance is one of the oldest Highlander traditions and a favorite EP for both campers and staff. Whether your boots are worn in from years of dancing or it’s your first time on the dance floor, it won’t take long for you to learn the moves and join in the fun. At the first square dance, campers are taught the basic moves like the Carolina Shooting Star, the Four Leaf Clover, the Garden Gate and the Do-Si-Do. The caller takes turns between the girl campers and the boy campers getting to pick their partner first.

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Square dance girls camp evening program best camp ever.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
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In addition to all the fun, square dances are full of opportunities for personal growth. The fear of rejection is conquered after mustering the courage to ask someone to dance or saying yes when you get asked. At Highlander, everybody has a dance partner! We dance in small groups, in big groups, in lines and circles and rotations … all sorts of ways! When everybody belongs and everybody participates, there’s no pressure or nervousness. Manners are practiced as campers show respect for their peers and learn how to act as ladies and gentlemen. Highlander staff model these positive values by being the first to partner with new campers - giving them the confidence to be silly, have fun and dance!

The Talent Show offers a wonderful opportunity for campers to perform and make memories with their cabin mates. Most cabins choose to participate in an act as a cabin though some campers will perform as individuals as well.

Whether through dance or song, music, tumbling or any other display of talent, campers have the opportunity to showcase their unique skills, abilities and passions. It takes courage to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to get up on stage, and to show your cabin mates and counselors what you’re capable of. This courage builds confidence – confidence to be true to yourself, to be proud, and to believe in the woman you want to become.

This is one of the greatest gifts of camp! Every camper comes to Highlander with their own unique personality and passions. The Talent Show gives campers the opportunity to shine and showcase their many talents while building confidence and having fun!

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