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Cabin Requests

Please Do…

  • Let us know your bunk requests right away … no later than May 15th!
  • Request a bunk mate or friend to have in his/her cabin. As we arrange cabins based primarily on age/grade, we cannot guarantee all requests (though we do try our very best!) Please know, changes to a cabin cannot be made on opening day.
  • Only request one camper. If you request more than one cabin mate we will simply honor your first choice.
  • Feel free to not request anyone. Meeting new people is the best way to experience camp!
  • Let us know if there are any situations we need to take into account when making cabin assignments. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Ask the camper you request to also request you. When both campers request each other, we almost always place them in the same cabin.
  • Be patient and understanding. Cabin assignments are very difficult – sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we are unable to honor a specific request. Please be gracious if we cannot accommodate your request.

Please Do not…

  • Call the office and ask what cabin your camper is in before opening day.
  • Request two or more cabin-mates without understanding that we will choose one from that group (we do our best to guarantee one request per camper).
  • Only request hometown friends. Try to request friends from other parts of the country (and from other countries!)
  • Think that cabin placement is vital to your camper’s summer experience. It is only one part of the experience.
  • Assume we know what you are thinking. Just because your camper came last summer, please do not expect us to know who he/she wants to be in a cabin with. If you don’t make any requests, we will simply place them with a group we think they will enjoy.
  • Visit camp on Saturday before camp opens. We are busy making camp as awesome as possible for opening day!