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Opening and Closing Days


We can’t wait to welcome your camper home to Highlander this summer! As you arrive to camp on Opening Day, you will be greeted by our amazing Highlander staff. Please drive slowly through camp, watching for campers and staff as you proceed through the four stations of camper check-in. We ask that you please remain in your vehicle until it is time for you to hug and say good-bye to your child at the final station.

Health Screening

Every camper will be temperature checked and screened upon arrival. Pre-camp screening paperwork will be due at this station.

Medication Station

You will have an opporuthiy to discsuss any pertinent information concerning your camper’s health and to verfify your child’s medication with our nurse at this station.

Luggage Drop-Off

The Highlander staff will unload your camper’s luggage and deliever it to their cabin. Please make sure your child’s luggage is labeled and organized for easy and efficient unloading and delivery.

Camper Drop-Off

Here you will say good-bye and hug your child as they head out for their wonderful adventure at Highlander. Your child will be greeted by their cabin counselor for the session and escorted to their cabin and to meet their cabin mates.

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Closing Day

Please plan on arriving to pick up your camper between 9 a.m and noon on the Friday that the session ends. You will proceed to two stations on closing day.

Camper Pick-Up

The Highlander staff will direct you through camp to a team member that will check-out your camper.Please stay in your car, and your child will meet you at this station.

Luggage Pick-Up

After you check-out your camper, you will proceed to the athletic field where your child’s luggage will be loaded into your car for you. If you decide that you would prefer to ship your child’s luggage home by FedEx, please contact our office before closing day to make arrangements.

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