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Communication with Your Camper

How can you keep up with your camper during the summer? MAIL! MAIL! MAIL! Campers LOVE to get mail. There’s simply nothing better than receiving an old-fashioned, handwritten letter in the mail from someone back home. Letter writing is a lost art but one we cherish here at camp. Whether you’re asking about their favorite activities or offering love and support, we strongly encourage you to write your child. You might just be surprised to see how much they treasure your handwritten letters (and find yourself equally delighted by their return letters home!) Our address is:

42 Dalton Road, Mills River, NC 28759.

Campers are required to write their parents once a week during their session. Additionally, cabin counselors will send a letter home updating parents on the progress their child is making. A few days after your child arrives at camp, you might receive a letter from them implying they are homesick or that they are not having a great time. This is often disheartening news for parents to receive but it’s very normal behavior for our campers. However, in almost every instance, by the time you receive such a letter your child will have worked through the issues and will be having a great time!

The most important thing we tell campers about homesickness is that being homesick is a good thing – it simply means they are blessed with an incredibly loving family and a welcoming home! This often relieves any embarrassment our campers may feel allowing them to move beyond the negative feelings and focus in on the positive.

Email Your Camper

You will also be able to email your camper through your online account in CampMinder. These emails are received by our camp office, printed out and then delivered as mail. Please remember that even though your camper cannot email you in return, they nevertheless enjoy receiving these “letters” from you!

Phone Calls

Campers cannot receive phone calls from home. We ask that communication to or from home be restricted to letters and cards while at camp. Important lessons of independence and self-reliance are nullified by a quick call home. If there is an emergency at home please call the camp office and ask to speak with a member of the Leadership Team.

Visiting Your Child at Camp

Attending camp provides a unique opportunity for campers to mature and develop a sense of self-reliance and resiliency. It can be challenging for campers to readjust to camp life after a family visit. It can even be difficult for other campers to adjust after one of their cabin mates is visited by family. For these reasons, we discourage frequent visitation, particularly for children who are away from home for the first time.

Visitation is only allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Sundays. Parents are welcome to spend time with their camper on the cellar deck porch (across from the summer office) or take their child off camp for the day. Please note: ONLY PARENTS are allowed to take their child off camp and proper identification is required.

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