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Day Hike

Beauty Abounds

We are surrounded by the most beautiful natural playground imaginable. From breathtaking mountain views and natural water slides to majestic waterfalls that cascade 160 feet, there’s always something wonderful to discover in our backyard. The magic of our off-camp trips, like a day hike in Pisgah National Forest, isn’t found in the wilderness itself, but rather in the hearts of those who experience it.

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When campers are removed from the fast-paced excitement of camp, they slow down and invest in the lasting and meaningful friendships within their cabin unit. Through the adventure, the challenges, the wonder of discovering something new and the joy of sharing it with a small group of people, authentic, irreplaceable bonds are formed. It’s in these moments that lifelong memories are made!

At Highlander, we seek to provide opportunities for these bonding moments each day and in every activity on camp. However, nothing helps transform each cabin unit into a tight-knit family overflowing with love, support and encouragement quite like the adventures of off-camp trips!

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