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When was Camp Highlander established?

Camp Highlander first opened its gates in 1957 and we’ve never looked back. That’s over six decades worth of life-changing summers!

Is Camp Highlander accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)?

We sure are! As an ACA accredited camp we are committed to understanding and implementing policies that reflect the camping industry’s recognized standards in the health, safety, and risk management. You can learn more about the American Camp Association here.

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The Pool

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The Edge Gaga Arena

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Karl's Trail

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The Lodge

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Reflect at the Rock

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Camp Store

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Gym Road

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The Slab

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Tenny Top

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Assembly Court

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Gratitude Grove

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LandSports Field & Climbing Wall

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Silver Lake

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Camp Library

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Wet Willie

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Land Sports Field

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Land Sports Field

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Gaga Pit

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Reflect at the Rock

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Dining Hall

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Silver Lake

How many acres?

Camp Highlander sits on 240 acres of pristine North Carolina wilderness. Our campers mainly roam on the central 40 acres of camp where our cabins, dining hall and activities are. But, often our campers will find a wilderness education lesson or an opportunity to sleep under the stars leading them to explore more of Forge mountain.

How many cabins are on camp?

We have 34 beautiful cabins sprinkled out across Old Forge Mountain. The cabins are located in defined girls camp and boys camp areas of camp. Each cabin is equipped with two sinks, two toilets and two showers.

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Cabin 1 | Girls Camp

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Cabin 15 | Girls Camp

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Tenny Top | Boys Camp

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Girls Camp

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Box Canyon | Girls Camp

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Cabin 16 | Girls Camp

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Tenny Top | Boys Camp

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The Alamo | Boys Camp

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Two Showers in Every Cabin

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Hill Top Cabins | Boys Camp

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Girls Camp Cabin

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Girls Camp Cabin

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Two Sinks & Two Toilets in every cabin

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How many campers per session?

Depending on the session, we’ll have between 260 and 300 campers on camp. Each summer we welcome new and returning campers ages 6 to 16 years old to camp!

What is your hiring process for staff?

Including cabin counselors and activity counselors, we hire roughly 150 staff members each summer. Our staff undergo a thorough screening process including two interviews, background checks and reference reviews.

How many campers and staff per cabin?

Our cabin unit is your camper’s family at Highlander. Cabin groups do everything together from eating meals in the dining hall to enjoying camp activites and even working together to clean their cabin for inspection. In a cabin group, there are up to 10 campers and a minimum of two counselors in each cabin. The cabin unit is something unique about Camp Highlander. Our cabin counselors are committed to the day-to-day safety and FUN of the ten campers in their charge, but the campers enjoy the close-knit relationships formed that allow them to feel comfortable to try new things and challenge themselves. Whether it’s your fifth summer at Highlander or your first year, campers feel welcomed, loved and safe because of the sense of belonging that the cabin unit provides.

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How many activities?

From pottery and cooking to rock climbing and kayaking, our campers currently enjoy over 25 different activities. But that’s just the on camp fun. For campers staying for two weeks or more, we take off camp adventures into Pisgah National and Dupont State Forests to hike, climb, and swim. Of course, the most popular off-camp trip is to Dolly’s Ice Cream Bar!

How many states and countries are represented?

In recent years we have welcomed campers from 27 different states into the Highlander family! In addition to those 27 states, we’ve been blessed to make new friends from 19 different countries!

What does CHIF mean?

CHIF represents the four core values that we promote and uphold at Camp Highlander: Courage, Honesty, Integrity and Faith. In all we do, we seek to instill these values in every single camper and staff member that comes through our gates.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to Camp Highlander, of course!