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Session Descriptions

Two Weeks (Sessions Kickoff, A and B)

Kickoff Ages 6 - 13, Sessions A and B Ages 6-16

If you’re looking for a fantastic camp experience, one of our two-week sessions might just be the perfect fit!

Kickoff is the first of three multi-week sessions at Camp Highlander. Beginning just after the school year ends, campers are ready to get outdoors and just be a kid after the long school year. The weather is perfect in Kickoff camp and is the ideal way to start another unforgettable summer.

Session A is the second multi-week session at Camp Highlander. This robust session allows campers to participate in all of our on-camp activities, various off-camp trips, a cabin overnight and some of our most exciting evening programs!

Session B is identical to Kickoff and Session A in its programming and scheduling, but it also features our biggest party of the year … the Fourth of July! From our Stars & Stripes competition to our cookout on the field, we pull out all the stops to celebrate our nation’s birthday in spectacular fashion! We even conclude the festivities each year with our highly-anticipated annual fireworks show!

While off-camp activities such as whitewater rafting are limited during these mid-length sessions, Kickoff, A and B still provide the most incredible experiences for new campers and returning campers alike. Whether it’s your first taste of a multi-week session or you’re a seasoned veteran, our two-week sessions provide lifelong memories and friendships that will have you counting down the days until next summer!

2022 Kickoff: OPEN (June 5-June 17) - Cost: $4,100 Ages 6-13

2022 Session A: OPEN (June 19-July 1) - Cost: $4,100 Ages 6-16

2022 Session B: OPEN (July 3-July 15) - Cost: $4,100 Ages 6-16

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Two and One Half Weeks (Session C - Super Session)

Ages 8 - 16

Session C is our longest and most intense session of the summer. It offers two and one half weeks of activities including various off-camp adventures, cabin overnights and our most electrifying evening programs! The most exciting highlight of Session C, however, is one of our oldest Camp Highlander traditions … Color War!

During the four-day, camp-wide competition that is Color War, all of camp (campers and counselors alike) is split between two teams to compete in a variety of events – from board games and dance routines to relay races and rope burning! With sporting events, educational events, arts events and more, every camper has a chance to participate, contribute and enjoy the fun!

2022 Session C: (July 17-August 2) - Cost: $5,000

Girls Waitlist Only

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Counselor in Training and Leadership Program

Completed Junior Year of High School

Learn more about our Counselor in Training and Leadership Program for teens who have completed their junior year of High School.

2022 CIT and Leadership Program: (July 3-August 2) - Cost: $5,000

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Family Camp

Summer camp is just for kids? Nonsense! Bring the whole family!

Leave your cell phone behind, take a break from the rush and responsibilities of life, and discover the joys of a fun-filled family getaway in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina!

Family Camp an opportunity for you and your family to experience the magic and wonder of Camp Highlander. Your family will enjoy a private cabin with a private bathroom, three meals served daily at your family table in the dining hall, exciting activiites each day and a variety of evening programs to create memories for a lifetime. Your children will have a blast, you will feel like a kid again, and your entire family will enjoy a unique and realxing vacation!

2023 Family Camp: May 26-29 | Enrollment will begin in June of 2022. To be placed on the Pre-Enrollment list for priority registration contact us email@camphighlander.com

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Father–Son Weekend

Your son is counting on you.

The relationship between a father and a son is unlike any other. Dads have a God-given role to protect and provide for their families, and to teach their sons the life skills necessary to grow into honorable men.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share a fun, action-packed weekend with your son in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. With incredible activities like riflery, kayaking and rock climbing you will share teachable, bonding moments with your son that will positively impact his life and forever strengthen your relationship.

2022 Father-Son Weekend: Waitlist Only (May 20-22) - Cost: $700*

*Plus $200 for each additional son.

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Mother–Daughter Weekend

Your daughter is counting on you.

Every daughter needs quality time with her mother; time to talk, time to listen, time to bond. Leave behind the busyness of life, the pile of to-do lists and the various obligations that never seem to end, and invest in your relationship with your daughter.

Retreat to the mountains and show your little girl that she is the most important thing in your world. Enjoy amazing activities like canoeing, pottery and cooking. Grow closer together as you conquer the high ropes course, zip line and climbing wall. Witness your relationship blossom into something beautiful as you soak up every single minute of a memorable weekend spent together!

2022 Mother-Daughter Weekend: (September 9-11) - Cost: $700*

*Plus $200 for each additional daughter.

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