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Packing List

As you excitedly prepare for camp and begin counting down the days, the quintessential question will likely arise – “What should I pack?” Packing for camp often adds to the excitement and anticipation of the summer. However, we know it can also be a bit overwhelming. With that in mind, we have compiled a suggested packing list for each session to help ensure your child has everything he or she needs.

But, don’t sweat it! If you happen to forget anything throughout the packing process we will do our very best to provide whatever item(s) may be missing. We are absolutely committed to treating your child like family … which sometimes means helping out with a forgotten toothbrush or left-behind pillow!

Packing Lists
Girls 1 Week Packing List
Girls 2 Weeks or More Packing List
Boys 1 Week Packing List
Boys 2 Weeks or More Packing List
Custom Camp Highlander Bedding Bundles

Packing Tips

  • The most common mistake we see is over-packing. Campers tend to wear shorts and t-shirts most of the time, though they will need sweatshirts and/or clothes to layer as evenings on the mountain are quite cool.
  • Be sure to pack plenty of socks and underwear as they seem to disappear.
  • PLEASE PACK OLD CLOTHES! Your child(ren) will be running around a mountain day after day and their clothes WILL get dirty.
  • Make sure that all clothing, shoes and personal items are clearly marked with a laundry pen or name-tags.
  • We recommend Lovable Labels for lables.
  • If space allows use your campers first and last name or first intial and last name (Emily Petrilla or E.Petrilla)
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If you find you are running out of room (or if you’d rather save some space), you might want to consider purchasing a care package for your camper. We offer fun packages (with toys and entertainment items for rest hour) and a toiletries care package which will be delivered to your camper on opening day.

  • All Care Packages are purchased via our online camp store during the spring.
  • If you miss the carepackage deadline do not worry! There are amazing options for your camper while they are at camp in the camp store to get a camp souvenir to remind them of their mountain home all year long!
  • Check out the Camp Store
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Bedding can also be tough to fit into your camper’s truck or duffle. We’ve partnered with Camp, College & More to help families get their camper the bedding they need and have it shipped directly to camp! It is delivered to your camper when they arrive to camp!


Bedding orders must be placed at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your camper’s session.

Order By Dates for the summer of 2024:

Kick Off Camp: May 10, 2024
A Session: May 19, 2024
B Session: June 2, 2024
BC Session: June 2, 2024
C Session: June 16, 2024

Order a Highlander Bedding Buddle on CC&M!

The Campanion App

We understand that being able to communicate with your camper is extremely important, please visist our Communication with your Camper page to learn more about downloading and learning to use the Campanion App to send and receive emails to and from your camper, upload forms and see photos of your child throughout their camp session.

Crazy Creek Chair!

Campers and staff utilize a stadium chair or crazy creek chair while at camp! From campfire to talent shows in the gym, campers sit back and enjoy!

Your camper can purchase a crazy creek chair with the Highlander logo in the Camp Highlander Store for $40.00 to $55.00. If you like to have all that your camper will need before they arrive you can purchase a Crazy Creek here or a similar chair here

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What should I pack for Evening Programs?

Nights come alive on Old Forge Mountain with our unique and widely popular Evening Programs! EP’s, as they are nicknamed, provide our campers with all sorts of wacky fun, lifelong memories. They provide the perfect ending to the perfect day at Camp Highlander. From carnivals and country fairs, to square dances and talent shows, there’s always something fun and festive and colorful to enjoy. Campers and staff members dress up in accordance with each night’s specific EP.

Although specific themes and certain EP’s will change from year to year, it’s always a good idea to pack generic and versatile items like jeans, bandanas, camouflage, plaid shirts, cowboy/cowgirl boots, straw hats, masquerade/fun masks, Halloween costumes, silly hats, goofy accessories (tutus, pirate eye patches, beads, etc.), face paint, neon clothing/accessories, overalls, plain white t-shirts for decorating, etc…

EP’s During Each Session

Kick Off Camp

  • Cabin Challenge (colorful clothing)
  • Square Dance
  • Highlander’s Got Talent (props for talent)
  • Disney Carnival
  • Pirate

Session A

  • Country Fair
  • Square Dance
  • Highlander’s Got Talent (props for talent)
  • Mardi Gras (purple, green & yellow)
  • Director’s Cup (Blue & Pink)
  • Cabin Challenge (colorful clothing)


  • Monte Carlo (carnival/goofy)
  • Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
  • Cabin Challenge (colorful clothing)
  • Highlander’s Got Talent (props for talent)
  • Square Dance
  • Stars & Stripes (patriotic theme)


  • Highlander’s Got Talent (props for talent)
  • Film Festival
  • Clue
  • Disco
  • Square Dance
  • Color War (blue & white, black & red)
  • Final Banquet (Dress Clothes)

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