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PHOTOS (Campanion, Panoramic, Yearbook)

We realize that being away from your child can be difficult and we want to make this separation as comfortable as possible for you. Campanion features an incredible online photo catalog system complete with facial recognition software. Every single day, our team of photographers travels around camp and takes pictures of each camper/cabin unit. They upload these photos into the Campanion system three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening). If you upload a recent photograph of your child into your Campanion App, their facial recognition software will scan through each batch of pictures (posted by our photographers) and alert you anytime your child is featured. Learn More about Campanion & Get the App Here

Additionally, a panoramic photo including every camper and staff member for the entire session will be taken while your child is at camp. You are able to pre-order this before camp through your FORMS dashboard and can purchase on opening day.

Facebook, Instagram, and Blog!

You can also keep up with all of the latest happenings on Old Forge Mountain by following us on Facebook and Instagram (@camphighlandernc). Our camp owners/directors (Bryan and Melissa Fitzgerald) also post a daily blog each evening, recapping the day’s events and summarizing life on camp (complete with weather updates and a menu breakdown!) Click here to check out the latest news on the Camp Highlander blog! You can also subscribe to receive automatic emails each time we have a new post.

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