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Partnering with Parents


It is our goal to help your child disconnect from the world at their fingertips so they can actually enjoy the great big beautiful world around them! We get them outdoors, making friends, talking, laughing and enjoying life as a kid without constant technological distractions. We ask that you partner with us in this effort to keep our camp as tech-free as possible.

Please do not bring smart watches, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, video cameras, laptops, iPods, DVD players, gaming systems or any devices capable of using the internet or taking pictures. If you insist that your child travel with one of these items, we will collect it when he/she arrives at camp and store it for the duration of the session. Camp Highlander cannot be responsible for these items being left in the cabin, lost or stolen.


In addition to any electronics, we recommend leaving sentimental items and expensive watches, rings, radios etc. at home. Furthermore, we advise against giving campers cash to keep with them in their cabin or on their person. Instead, all campers should deposit their money into their camper account, (which can be done at our summer office.) Camp Highlander cannot be responsible for any money or valuable items that are lost or stolen. Please explain the importance of this to your camper and encourage them not to bring any irreplaceable item with them to camp.


We have a strict “no-cell phone” policy at camp. Aside from the fact that cell phones are expensive and liable to getting lost, broken or stolen, the fundamental reason we disallow cell phones is, quite simply, TRUST. When children come to camp, they and their parents are placing their trust in one another (and in camp!) As children begin to trust other caring adults they learn to take responsibility for their actions and to solve their own challenges. Likewise, as parents learn to trust both their own children and Camp Highlander, they provide their child with an opportunity to grow and mature and develop. This is one of the greatest benefits of camp and would instantly be lost if a campers’ dependence on mom and dad was only a text away.


We do not accept ANY packages for campers. Gift packages create unhealthy competition within the cabin unit and disrupt the harmony of the cabin. All packages received during the summer will be returned to sender. To avoid frustration, please share this policy with grandparents, friends and others that might send packages to your camper.

As an alternative, consider purchasing a care package for your camper from our camp store! These packages are ordered before camp and delievered to your camper on opening day!

All Care Packages are purchased via our online camp store. Care Packages are launched each spring!
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We’ve partnered with Camp, College & More to help families get their camper the bedding they need and have it shipped directly to camp! Check out Camp Highlander’s bedding buddle, blankets and more.
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Daily nutrition is an essential component of the health and well-being of our campers. We offer three meals and two snacks during the day with an optional third snack before bed. Needless to say, there’s plenty to eat at Camp Highlander! We ask that you trust us to feed your children by not sneaking food to them at camp. We have a “no food in the cabin” policy but we still confiscate food from our campers each and every summer. By sending food with your child to camp you are teaching them that camp policies need not be followed. Additionally, as we have many campers with food allergies, you compromise our ability to keep our campers safe by potentially exposing them to harmful foods within their cabin.


North Carolina law prohibits the use of each of these items at camp. Our cabins are wooden structures and all fire hazards are therefore prohibited. Our septic system is very sensitive, so water balloons and other “gag” toys can cause serious damage. Please refrain from sending these items, as they will be confiscated.


Campers are NOT allowed to bring personal property such as sports equipment or vehicles to camp. We DO NOT allow guns, knives (including pocket knives), pepper spray or weaponry of any kind. Bringing these items to camp is cause for immediate dismissal. Family pets are not allowed on camp property. Please leave your furry friends at home!


The safety of our campers is the top priority at Camp Highlander. As a member of the American Camping Association, we remain compliant with the standard to screen all campers and staff members for mental health issues through the Health History Form. At Highlander, we partner with parents to get to know our campers in order to ensure that each camper is a good fit for our culture. Through phone conversations, pointed questions during the application process and other forms, we gather valuable information about campers before they arrive at camp.

Our expectation of this partnership is that each parent be responsible for what their camper packs in their trunk/luggage for camp. The parent must be able to assure us they have gone through the belongings, and that there are no tobacco, drugs, alcohol, electronics, pornography, flamables or weapons in the camper’s possession. We want the parent to be the last one to zip up the suitcase and know the contents prior to arrival to camp.

After we have confirmed with the parent that their child has not brought any inappropriate items to camp, we then do an additional screening with the campers. On the first evening of camp, our leadership team visits each cabin to inspect for any items that are be considered inapproriate for camp.

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