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From Our Families

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Confidence, Independence & Friendship

"[She] came home so confident. She met so many friends, had new experiences, learned new skills, and went from not wanting to spend the night away to asking stay the entire summer in our camp letter home."

"I think she can be reluctant to trying new things at times and this helped her to open her mind to new things."

"Our children have gone to Camp Highlander for many years. It is a wonderful camp that brings out the best in your child, they grow in a supportive and encouraging community on a beautiful mountain. They come home appreciating the world around them more,they are self-assured, and have tried new things, met new friends, and found a new home in Camp Highlander! One of the best gifts we have given our children!"

"We sent three of our kids to Camp Highlander for the first time this year based on a personal recommendation from a friend. They all had wonderful counselors that kept the day energetic while safe and character building."

"We love Camp Highlander! Our children look forward to their time on the mountain all year! We have been sending our children there for 10 years. Each year we are confident they will have fun, make new friendships & be well cared for."

“Just picked up my campers from another amazing two weeks at Camp Highlander! It was our family’s ninth summer at Highlander and my youngest still has a few years ahead of him! From the staff, to the activities, to the amazing friendships they have made over the years - I can not say enough wonderful things about this camp.”

"They saw the value of being without electronics, trying out new activities, staying busy, and a big one for me, being comfortable in making new friends outside their normal circle of friends." - CH Parent

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Just be a Kid

“Camp Highlander has been the best things for our kids. They have become more independent and more comfortable being in situations where they don’t know anyone. Camp has given them a boost of confidence being able to have a great time without Mom and Dad. We love how camp feels like a second home to them. They are super comfortable at camp and able to experience so many different activities. We also love that it is 2 weeks without electronics!”

“It’s a great opportunity for him to connect with other children, experience super fun things and just be a kid and play hard.”

“Our children have enjoyed attending Camp Highlander since age 10! It’s 2 weeks of independence to be outdoors, try knew experiences, make new friends, compete in activities and contests, and have a lot of fun! No technology allowed makes it a big bonus – the kids can be kids and not be distracted by all the pressures of social media, text messages, etc… The staff at CH are simply the best! They are happy, fun, encouraging, trustworthy and moral. If I am going to send my kids away to summer camp…. It will ONLY be to Camp Highlander in Mills River, NC. We absolutely LOVE it!”

“[Camp] gave him a place to go and truly be himself, with not a worry in the world.”

“Our children had an unforgettable experience at Camp Highlander this summer. From the moment they arrived, they were welcomed into an inclusive and nurturing environment that fostered friendship, growth, and adventure. The diverse array of activities kept them engaged and excited, creating memories they will cherish for years to come. The dedicated and caring staff ensured their safety and well-being, while also encouraging personal growth and development.”

"The staff at Camp Highlander definitely made us feel comfortable leaving a piece of our hearts there for two weeks."