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Work Hard, Play Harder

Imagine summer days filled with endless adventures, exciting challenges and unbridled fun. Now imagine sharing those days with ten happy campers who admire you, look up to you and depend on you as both a leader and a friend. Whether you’re screaming for joy as you jump off the blob, or you’re cheering on your campers as you conquer the Crow’s Nest together, every moment of every day on camp is filled with countless opportunities to play with, encourage and positively impact the life of a child.

At Camp Highlander, we have a devoted group of staff who return summer after summer because this mountain (and those who call it home) means something to them. A summer at Highlander can be the most rewarding and most enjoyable job you will ever have. We invite you to join our team and experience the life-changing wonder of Camp Highlander!

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We seek to build boys and girls of courage, honesty, integrity and faith, and to help them become all that God intends them to be.

Working at a summer camp is an incredible and life-changing experience. From cabin counselors and activity counselors, to kitchen crew members and photography interns, every staff member has the unique opportunity to share the love of Camp Highlander with our campers as they experience the magic of our mountain home. Come work at Camp Highlander. You will make lifelong friendships and be changed for the better.

What You Should Expect

  • Competitive Salary
  • Housing
  • Laundry Service
  • Incredible Food with accomadations for food allergies and dietary needs
  • Time - Off for resting & exploring Western North Carolina!
  • On Site exercise facility & running trail
  • To make lifelong friends
  • To try new things and conquer your fears!
  • To laugh a LOT … even if it’s at yourself!
  • To learn from your campers and peers!
  • To not want to leave (and to count down the days until you return!)

What You Should NOT Expect

  • A standard 9-5 job.
  • To often find yourself bored and alone with little to do.
  • To leisurely enjoy our wonderful mountain home as if you were on vacation.
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A Staff Like No Other

Our staff members are young men and women of courage, honesty, integrity and faith whose utmost goal is to help instill these values in those around them. As a member of the Highlander staff, your mission is simple; to love our campers and positively impact their lives.

Devoted, Hard-Working Candidates:

While there are exciting adventures, individual benefits and monetary compensations aplenty, being on staff at Highlander means long hours, hard-work and dedication. We know this job will be challenging and at times exhausting, but an unyielding commitment to our campers from every individual staff member is essential.

Compassionate Role Models:

In our cabin unit at Camp Highlander we seek to encourage inclusion and selflessness from our campers. As a staff member at Highlander, we expect you to lead by example – putting others first, living selflessly and prioritizing the needs of our campers above all else.

Strong Moral Character:

Each of our staff members is held to the highest possible standard. We hire only respectful individuals who conduct themselves in such a way that upholds the values we support and promote at camp.

From A CH Staff

“The summer after my sophomore year of college, I knew I wanted to work at a summer camp. A few Google searches (and an allegiance to Tipp City, OH) led me to Camp Highlander. As someone who didn’t attend summer camp as a child, I’m not sure if what I expected to get out of a summer at camp was any more complex than wanting to work with children in a setting that I hadn’t yet experienced. And looking back, there is no way I could’ve ever even began to guess what Camp Highlander would give to me and what it would end up meaning to me many years later. It is a place where people, both staff and campers alike, are loved for exactly who they are and encouraged to become nothing short than the best version of themselves. It’s a place where you get to try new things. Where you learn it’s okay to fail, as long as you’re not afraid to get up and try again. Where you learn to be a good teammate. Where you sign off of social media and learn to truly live in the moment. To be intentional with others. To love people with an unconditional type of love. It’s the place I met my husband, some of my very best friends, and a support system that I know will follow me throughout the entirety of my life. It truly has become a second home to me and the place my heart always longs to be.

And beyond that, there is a magic to Old Forge mountain that can’t be described with words but can only be felt when you step foot on the mountain. Like when the field erupts with cheers as a camper conquers their fears on the rock wall or scores the winning run in river ball, when the dining hall is full of people singing and dancing along to Taylor Swift, when the sound of a guitar echos up into main camp with the sound of a song you sing every Sunday but never manages to get old….the list could truly go on forever. Going to camp is the greatest gift I could’ve ever given myself and I am forever changed for the better because of it.”

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