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Camper Accounts

Each camper has an account that is used for purchases in the camp store and to withdraw cash for spending on off-camp trips. At the camp store, your child can purchase a variety of items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stationary, Crazy Creek chairs, toiletries and more!

We can only process camper account funds via check or cash, NOT by credit card. Most campers tend to spend all the money they are given, so please only send an appropriate amount that you are comfortable with. We recommend $40-50 per week. Please make your check payable to Camp Highlander and mail it in prior to your camper’s arrival. You can also deposit money into your camper’s account on opening day, but they might not have immediate access to those funds as it takes time for us to update each account.

You can log onto the Camp Highlander website and click on ‘View Camper Accounts’ to keep track of the items your camper is purchasing. Any money remaining in your child’s account at the end of the session will either be kept as a credit balance until next summer or refunded to you upon request.

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