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Camper Accounts

Each camper has an account that is used to cover purchases in the camp store and to withdraw cash for spending on off-camp trips. At the camp store, your child can purchase a variety of items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stationery, Crazy Creek chairs, toiletries and more!

You can add to your child’s camper account funds through your online account at any time. Most campers tend to spend all the money they are given, so please only send an appropriate amount that you are comfortable with. We recommend $75 per week. If you have any leftover funds in your account at the close of your child’s session, you can either roll the funds over as a credit to the following summer, or donate them to the Karl and Shelley Camper Scholarship Fund.

You can monitor your child’s camper account funds by logging into your family account and clicking ‘View Camper Accounts - Camp Store.’

Login and Add Funds Here

From there, you can view their remaining camp store funds and add additional funds as you see fit. When you submit your application, you’ll also be able to set-up an automatic email notification to be alerted when your child’s available funds drop below a certain level.

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