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Boys’ Camp

The value of brotherhood

Every boy desires to experience the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Those bonds —formed through overcome adversities, conquered fears and shared triumphs— help young boys grow into the young men that God has designed them to be.

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Finding your place among your peers should never cost you your integrity.

Integrity is the foundation that boys’ camp is built upon. It is the freedom that allows every boy to pursue camaraderie without abandoning his individuality. We challenge our campers to do the right thing, even when no one is watching and even when they do not want to. Our cabin unit intentionally fosters an environment in which each boy is free to succeed and fail, while remaining honest and courageous.

Integrity allows each boy to both benefit from and contribute to the brotherhood of his cabin. It takes integrity to be true to who you are even when feeling pressured to compromise your values; integrity to compete with others or challenge yourself in such a way that commands respect, whether you win or lose; integrity to bring the best out of others as you offer the very best of yourself; integrity to recognize each unique character trait and gift that God has given you, and to faithfully use them to grow into the man he wants you to become.

At Camp Highlander, we seek to build young men of integrity as they embrace the brotherhood of their cabin unit and the community of camp.

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