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Boys Summer Camp in NC

The value of brotherhood

Every boy desires to experience the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Those bonds —formed through overcome adversities, conquered fears and shared triumphs— help young boys grow into the young men that God has designed them to be.

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The Best Boys Summer Camp in North Carolina

Finding your place among your peers should never cost you your integrity.

Integrity is the foundation that boys’ camp is built upon. It is the freedom that allows every boy to pursue camaraderie without abandoning his individuality. We challenge our campers to do the right thing, even when no one is watching and even when they do not want to. Our cabin unit intentionally fosters an environment in which each boy is free to succeed and fail, while remaining honest and courageous.

Integrity allows each boy to both benefit from and contribute to the brotherhood of his cabin. It takes integrity to be true to who you are even when feeling pressured to compromise your values; integrity to compete with others or challenge yourself in such a way that commands respect, whether you win or lose; integrity to bring the best out of others as you offer the very best of yourself; integrity to recognize each unique character trait and gift that God has given you, and to faithfully use them to grow into the man he wants you to become.

At Camp Highlander, we seek to build young men of integrity as they embrace the brotherhood of their cabin unit and the community of camp.

Summer Camp Games & Activities for Boys

At Camp Highlander, we offer a wide range of exciting activities to fill your camper’s days. From team sports to the chance to try something new, our range of activities is one of the reasons we’re the best boys camp in North Carolina!


Campers can play basketball on our outdoor courts, join a soccer match on our athletic fields, play volleyball with new friends, and more. Through friendly competition and teamwork, bonds are formed as the boys pursue their favorite sports and take on new athletic challenges. Sports help teach values like good sportsmanship, perseverance, and cooperation.


The beautiful wilderness surrounding our summer camp provides the ideal setting for rugged outdoor adventures. Boys can go hiking and camping under the stars, and learn outdoor skills. They’ll bond with new friends while exploring the forests and trails. We’ve found that connecting with the outdoors builds confidence and appreciation for nature, a mindset that will follow boys the rest of their lives.


After an active day, there’s no better way for boys to cool off than by making a splash at our private lake! Campers can swim, try out the blob, and play water sports. We also offer kayaking, canoeing, swimming, whitewater rafting, and water slides. Our lake is easily one of the favorite parts of camp!

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The Advantages of Sleepaway Summer Camp for Boys

Sending your son to sleepaway summer camp provides benefits that last long after his time at camp. He’ll build confidence by discovering new abilities and overcoming challenges. He’ll also develop independent living skills as he manages his daily schedule and new responsibilities. The camp environment also fosters deep friendships and memories he’ll cherish forever. At Camp Highlander, your son will create bonds, grow in character, and gather stories to share for years to come.


Attending sleepaway camp is an incredible way for boys to build confidence. Campers can challenge themselves both physically and mentally by trying new activities, overcoming obstacles, and pushing beyond their comfort zones. As they learn outdoor skills, solve problems, and accomplish goals at camp, their self-assurance grows. Bonding with other boys who are experiencing the same growth and facing the same challenges creates a supportive community where everyone thrives.


Another benefit of summer camp is that it allows boys to develop greater independence. Away from home, campers must take responsibility for themselves. Following the camp rules and routines teaches organization, discipline, and time management. As boys gain these independent living skills, they feel more self-sufficient and mature, ready to take on challenges both in and out of Camp Highlander.


The bonds, adventures, and personal growth experienced at summer camp result in priceless lifelong memories. Campers will reminisce for years to come about their cabin, campfire skits, lasting friendships, conquering the climbing wall, favorite camp meals, and so much more. Photos and memorabilia from camp will remind your son of the invaluable lessons, endless fun, and brotherhood he shared. The memories made at summer camp stay with campers forever.

A Typical Day at Our Boys Summer Camp in North Carolina

Campers rise early for flag raising and breakfast, then attend cabin activities focused on our core values. Archery, hiking, arts and crafts, and team sports fill the active morning hours. After a delicious lunch, there’s rest time before more afternoon activities like swimming, canoeing and kayaking, and field games. Our evenings include campfire gatherings, skits, and special events. Before lights out, the campers reflect on the day’s highlights with their cabin mates. It’s the ideal combination of fun and enrichment!

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At our North Carolina summer camp, campers participate in activities as a cabin group which creates a supportive team environment. With their cabin there to encourage them, campers feel comfortable pushing past their comfort zones and trying new things. Our cabin system allows campers to meet challenges, achieve personal triumphs, and make memories while surrounded by the care of their counselors and cabin mates.


Between the busy schedule and endless adventures, campers are given scheduled time to relax and recharge. Free time allows campers to socialize independently and find quiet moments amidst the high energy. Our dedicated rest hour after lunch gives campers a much needed break to simply rest, read, or write letters home. We understand the importance of downtime and aim to provide campers with a balanced experience.


At camp, when the sun goes down the fun turns up! Our lively evening programs range from talent shows to carnivals, cabin challenges to scavenger hunts. Many evening activities strengthen the bonds between cabins through cooperative games and team building. Other programs allow campers’ individual talents to shine. The evening adventures make lifelong memories and provide the perfect energetic close to each fun-filled day.

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Camp Highlander sits on 240 acres of pristine North Carolina wilderness in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. The main central 40 acres of camp contain our cabins, dining hall, and activity areas where campers spend much of their time. But campers also explore beyond to learn wilderness skills, hike the trails, and sleep under the stars on Forge Mountain.


At Camp Highlander, building strong character is central to our philosophy. Through our leadership and values-based education, we nurture honesty, integrity, courage, and responsibility in each boy. Campers learn the importance of doing the right thing and remaining true to themselves. We empower boys to compete and lead with respect, as we believe a foundation of integrity allows meaningful connections and personal growth.


Camp Highlander offers an extensive variety of unique camp activities to match any interest or ability. From horseback riding on mountain trails to kayaking on our private lake, campers discover new passions. Our evening activities range from campfires to carnivals. With traditional camp fun and unique adventures, boredom never strikes at Camp Highlander!

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Have Questions About Sleep Away Summer Camp for Boys?

Choosing the perfect experience for your camper isn’t a decision you take lightly! If you have questions, please visit our FAQs.

You can also hear from parents like you about their experience with Camp Highlander. And if you have any questions that are still unanswered, please contact us so we have a chance to chat.


We offer a wide variety of meal options, a mix of comfort food and nutritious foods to energize your camper. If you have any dietary restrictions such as peanuts, dairy, gluten, and more we’re happy to offer alternative options. Please contact our camp office before your boy’s arrival.


If you need help deciding what to pack for boys summer camp, we’ve created pack lists based on your session so you can make sure he has everything he needs!


In order to promote independence and self-reliance, we limit communication to letters, bunk notes, and cards. Your child would love to receive a letter from you, and we require a weekly postcard home. Of course, in the case of an emergency, you can contact our camp office.

We always want you to feel plugged in to your child’s experience at camp, which is why we’ve partnered with the Companion software to give you photo updates, uploads of handwritten letters from your child, and the opportunity to write emails to your camper!