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Luggage Policies

We allow each camper to bring one trunk and one duffle bag (or two duffle bags) to camp. We do not have room to store more than that! Please log in and complete the online travel form located on your camper’s forms dashboard to inform camp about how your camper’s luggage will be getting to AND from camp.

Tag All Luggage

ALL BAGS belonging to your camper must be labeled with their FIRST and LAST name. If the bags are not labeled, bags get misplaced and delivering the luggage to the appropriate cabin is delayed . DO NOT PUT PARENTS NAMES ON THE BAGS.

Car Luggage

Please pre-label all bags/items prior to arrival to camp with your campers First AND Last name.

Shipping Luggage to Camp

All Luggage being shipped to camp or home needs to be 48x30x30 or smaller and weigh no more than 75 pounds. If you are using Camp Highlander’s Fedex account, and extra fees are incurred, your account will be billed for those fees.

Luggage arriving to camp must be labeled with luggage tags. The tags should be addressed to Camp Highlander. The return address should include the camper’s name (not parents’ name) for appropriate cabin placement..
All luggage shipped to camp is delivered to your child’s cabin on opening day. Please make certain your child knows their lock combination or has the key to the lock on their luggage. If you are concerned your child may forget the combination, please let Mac Bishop know the combination and he will assist your camper. (

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Trunk Boxes

We suggest all luggage be boxed (including duffel bags) for shipment through Fedex or UPS. This protects the luggage and prevents you from incurring additional handling fees. We will do our best to store and re-use your shipping boxes for returning your camper’s luggage back home, but we cannot guarantee the boxes will remain usable due to moisture levels on camp. If an issue arises, we will contact you on how to proceed. Please contact Mac Bishop for more information at

We begin accepting luggage for each session two weeks prior to the session start date. Please do not ship any luggage earlier than this.

Our address is:

42 Dalton Road, Horse Shoe NC 28742.

Shipping Luggage Home – FEDEX GROUND ONLY

We are happy to ship your campers luggage back home using our Highlander FedEx account. Any items left behind will be shipped by FedEx or USPS at the parents expense. FedEx Ground and USPS are the preferred shippers for Camp Highlander.
Arrangements for this service must be communicated through the Travel Form in CampMinder or to the camp office NO LATER than one week prior to the end of the session. Any alternate shipping address must be included on the Travel Form.

Questions or Changes

Please contact Mac Bishop at or 828-891-7721.


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