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Why Highlander?

Boys Camp & Girls Camp

At Camp Highlander we are devoted to the growing and nurturing of boys and girls, in a safe, fun-filled, and electronics-free environment. Since 1957, we have partnered with parents and families to build character and confidence in the lives of children as we provide lifelong memories, authentic friendships and a loving home away from home.

Camp Highlander offers a unique experience by providing separate living areas for boys and girls, ensuring safety and cohesiveness. Within this co-ed camp experience, each gender is housed on opposite sides of our property, but they come together for meals in the dining hall and evening programs, and they frequently interact as they move between activities throughout the day.

Boys and girls are organized into cabin groups based on their age and birth gender. Each cabin group is supervised by two dedicated counselors, ensuring constant safety and guidance throughout the day. These cabin groups foster strong friendships and a sense of family among campers, creating a supportive and close-knit community.

In the pages below you’ll learn why Highlander is different from other summer camps. From our mission statement and cabin unit structure, to our activity schedules, family-style meals, and everything inbetween, we hope you will see what sets us apart.

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The History of Highlander

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