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Why Highlander

Our mission is simple

To love and be loved at Camp Highlander — one love.

Love is the purest, simplest and most universal language. At Camp Highlander, we believe God has instilled in each one of us a desire to love and be loved. This is the motivation behind our mission — we love because God first loved us.

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This is the very reason we exist; that every single person who passes through our gates will learn to truly love those around them, without hesitation or reservation, and will receive that same measure of love from everyone who calls this mountain home.

No matter how many years or miles may separate us, no matter our individual backgrounds and heritages, no matter our skin color, religion, nationality or beliefs, we, the people who make up the Highlander family, all share the same, singular love for one another.

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Our Creed

We seek to build boys and girls of courage, honesty, integrity and faith, and to help them become all that God intends them to be. In all we do, from the social structure of camp to our programming, from opening day to closing day, we seek to uphold, promote, teach and exemplify these four core values.

Courage: Dare to be Brave

Courage is found within you and is realized through the support and love of those around you. Dare to be brave. Try new things. Stand by your friends.

Honesty: Speak Truth in Love

Be yourself. Honesty builds trust. Trust is the foundation of our family. Be kind to others; honesty is shown in our actions, not just our words. Speak truth in love to your neighbor.

Integrity: Respect Yourself, Others and Nature

Be strong. Integrity builds confidence. Lead by example. Win with integrity. Lose with integrity. Live a life of moral conviction, worthy of modeling.

Faith: Seek Truth and Believe

Never stop dreaming. Faith is the ability to receive, find and make meaning in our lives. Faith is being certain of what is not seen and sure of what we hope for.