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Off Camp Adventure

In the heart of every young boy lives an undying sense of adventure. They grow up dreaming of intrepid exploration, of fearless discovery, of conquering unforeseen obstacles and uncharted territory. From the safety of a community playground to the limitless expanse of space, boys want to explore.

Through various off-camp trips all across the mountains of Western North Carolina, Camp Highlander encourages our boy campers to harness this adventurous spirit into actual exploration and discovery.

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On a rafting trip, they learn to understand the importance of communication and teamwork as they race each other across the cool, pristine waters of the Nantahala River.

While hiking and exploring one of the many beautiful waterfalls in Western North Carolina, the boys enjoy the unique experience of a ten-foot waterfall washing over them. And, all the while, they’ve forgotten about trying to fit in, or prove themselves, or impress those around them. They’ve forgotten about the social pressures of daily life as they’ve reclaimed the simple joy of adventure.

It is here – amidst the refreshing water, sheltering trees and melodious falls – that a boy can discover (or perhaps rediscover) who he truly is as he explores the natural world around him.

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