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Every girl desires to be valued and accepted

Today, young girls battle the pressure and temptation to forfeit their true selves in order to conform to what their culture deems valuable. Camp Highlander strives to help young girls grow into strong young women who choose courage over conformity, who know right from wrong, and who value connecting and contributing to those around them.

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The Best Girls Camp in North Carolina

Our cabin unit intentionally fosters such an environment. Ten girls and two counselors find acceptance and belonging without having to prove themselves, or fit a certain mold, or meet a list of superficial qualifications. Each girl is valued, loved and accepted into this sisterhood from the moment she arrives. We believe the courage to remain true to yourself is far more valuable than the temporary happiness gained by conforming to the demands of the world.

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We believe the courage to remain true to yourself is far more valuable than the temporary happiness gained by conforming to the demands of the world.

Courage Over Conformity

Courage doesn’t always manifest itself by climbing on the back of a horse for the first time, or conquering a rock wall, or reaching the highest point of the Crow’s Nest. Sometimes, courage is much quieter, much deeper, much more impactful. Sometimes, courage means confidently and unapologetically being yourself, even when –or especially when– you’re not so sure how you’ll be received by those around you.

We celebrate trying new things, discovering new talents and perseverance to reach your hopes and dreams. We encourage young women to value themselves and those around them without conforming to the pressures of the world.

We build girls of courage.

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Summer Camp Games & Activities for Girls

The last thing a girl wants from summer camp is a one-size-fits-all experience. After all, no two girls are just alike - and no two girls have the same camp experience.

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When you send your daughter to summer camp, you want to know that it’s an environment that will build her self confidence and where she’ll have days filled with fun and friends, learning new skills and making long lasting memories.

That’s exactly what life looks like at our camp. She’ll spend her days with the girls in her cabin as well as older counselors that she can look up to and emulate., learning new sports, backpacking, swimming, embracing (and being embraced) by a community of girls she’ll cherish for life.

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Explore Activities

The Advantages of Sleepaway Summer Camps for Girls

There’s simply no way to overstate the benefits of sleepaway summer camp for girls.

Independence and Self-Reliance

Girls who attend summer camps learn the value of stepping out of their comfort zone and into a camp experience that’s designed to help them make friends, have fun, and connect with girls from all walks of life. Away from the familiar surroundings of home and the watchful eye of Mom and Dad, they develop an amazing sense of self that will serve them long beyond their time as a camper.

Social Skills and Lifetime Friendships

Our girls overnight summer camp is a communal experience that gives campers the opportunity to talk and connect with other campers and build lasting friendships. They’ll learn to cooperate with others, navigate team dynamics, and resolve conflict. The girls who attend summer camps with us year after year come back because of the fun they have - but also because of the friendships they build.

Exploring New Skill and Interests

Our summer girls camp in North Carolina is the perfect opportunity to try new things! Whether it’s discovering a new hobby or bonding with teammates during a challenging activity, our goal is to empower the young women by helping them explore everything our camp has to offer!

Kayaking to Woodworking: A Girl’s Day at Summer Camp

From the moment a camper steps onto our picturesque grounds, she’s found her home away from home. Our counselors are extensively trained and extremely helpful, ready to guide girls through a summer they’ll remember forever. Our wide range of activities is one of the reasons we’re the best summer camp for girls in North Carolina!

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At Camp Highlander, girls are encouraged to embrace the great outdoors and are able to explore the breathtaking natural beauty that Western North Carolina has to offer. Whether they’re learning outdoor survival skills, taking a nature hike to the lake, or simply stargazing with her cabin mates after evening programs, our girls soak in the natural beauty that surrounds them at our summer camp for girls empowerment.


Every day at Camp Highlander gives girls a new opportunity to discover or dive deeper into a talent. Whether it’s facing her fear and scaling the rock climbing wall, creating a beautiful necklace during crafting time, making a pizza from scratch in our outdoor pizza oven, or heading out to the three-story high challenge course, the Crow’s Nest with her cabin mates and counselor, there’s something for every interest. The camp’s age-specific activities make sure your daughter has just the right balance of fun and challenge.


There’s nothing more fun than the waterfront at camp. Girls are able to swim, kayak, and slide to their heart’s content on our private lake. They can try our water slides, swim in natural swimming holes, or just relax by the water. Our staff keep a close watch on everyone’s safety and all campers wear life jackets full time in the water, so if you’re feeling particularly bold, try out the water slides and Blob launch! If girls need a little help in the water, camp counselors are always on hand to help build water confidence.

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What Makes Camp Highlander Different from Traditional Overnight Summer Camp for Girls?


At Camp Highlander, we really believe in empowering young girls at summer camp to find their voices and become leaders. Our programming is focused on building confidence, resilience, and social-emotional skills in campers. Girls participate in leadership discussions and courageous conversations that we facilitate. We try to foster a strengths-based environment where girls can take healthy risks, make mistakes here and there, and learn from them. Girls leave with a strong sense of self and sisterhood after their time here.


Camp Highlander has some awesome outdoor adventures set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Girls can go hiking, zip lining (which is a blast!), horseback riding, climbing, kayaking and more during their stay. One of the highlights of camp for girls is the overnight camping trip!

Connecting with nature helps build confidence and self-reliance in our campers. Our skilled instructors facilitate experiences to push girls out of their comfort zone in a safe, supportive way. Learning outdoor skills empowers girls to appreciate nature and their inner strength.

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Whether you’re searching for the perfect first summer experience for elementary school aged kids or the best summer camp for teen girls, we have a wide range of options!

Age Specific Programming

Questions about Sleepaway Camp?

We’re including some answers to popular questions about girls’ sleepaway camp in North Carolina, but you can find even more questions and answers here.


We encourage letters from home, as incoming phone calls aren’t allowed, to help campers develop some independence. But parents can totally call the office with any questions or concerns! Girls are encouraged to write home often about their experiences.

We also partner with the Companion software to help you stay connected to your camper’s experience while they’re with us! We’ve got more information on this page about how you can stay connected to your child while she’s with us at camp.


We’ve compiled handy packing lists here! You can find exactly what you need based on camp session and duration.