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Every girl desires to be valued and accepted

Today, young girls battle the pressure and temptation to forfeit their true selves in order to conform to what their culture deems valuable. Camp Highlander strives to help young girls grow into strong young women who choose courage over conformity, who know right from wrong, and who value connecting and contributing to those around them.

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Our cabin unit intentionally fosters such an environment. Ten campers and two counselors find acceptance and belonging without having to prove themselves, or fit a certain mold, or meet a list of superficial qualificationsin. Each girl is valued, loved and accepted into this sisterhood from the moment she arrives.

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We believe the courage to remain true to yourself is far more valuable than the temporary happiness gained by conforming to the demands of the world.

Courage Over Conformity

Courage doesn’t always manifest itself by climbing on the back of a horse for the first time, or conquering a rock wall, or reaching the highest point of the Crow’s Nest. Sometimes, courage is much quieter, much deeper, much more impactful. Sometimes, courage means confidently and unapologetically being yourself, even when –or especially when– you’re not so sure how you’ll be received by those around you.

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We celebrate trying new things, discovering new talents and perservering to reach your hopes and dreams.

We encourage young women to value themselves and those around them without conforming to the pressures of the world.

We build girls of courage.