In a world of rapid change and constant uncertainty, finding a place that remains steadfast, nurturing, and full of cherished memories is a rare gem.

Especially when it’s a place for our kids.

Camp Highlander stands as that haven.

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My twin boys just wrapped up their second summer at Camp Highlander, a camp I attended as a camper and counselor years ago, and they’re already asking for more time there next summer. Here’s why:

  • NEW FRIENDS. NEW EXPERIENCES. Talk about a unique opportunity to meet other kids from various backgrounds while embarking on so many new adventures throughout the day.

  • TECH-FREE: The camp setting, free from the distractions of modern technology, allows for genuine connections rather than online ones. Music to my ears!

  • CONFIDENCE: Camp Highlander serves as a springboard for personal growth and self-discovery, whether it’s conquering their fear of heights on the Crows Nest ropes course or standing up for themselves in group activities, I see resilience and self-assurance strengthening in my kiddos year after year.

  • COMFORT IN THE FAMILIAR: Returning to a place that remains unchanged (for decades!) brings immense comfort… to my children and to me. Camp Highlander has preserved its values and traditions over all the years, from campfire songs and activities to dining hall routines and evening programs.

  • INSTILLING CORE VALUES: Camp Highlander encourages courage, honesty, integrity and faith. Not sure we could ask for anything more….

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We can’t provide all of these things all of the time on our own as parents. If time and finances allow, what a privilege to be able to allow others like the team at Camp Highlander to help us… while creating some amazing, fun and unforgettable memories for kiddos year after year.

We’re in for 2024! Hope you are too!

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Paige Kornblue

We are excited to introduce our Parent-to-Parent blog series with Paige Kornblue. Paige is a Camp Highlander parent and alum who is passionate about the summer camp experience for children. Paige is an award-winning journalist who is currently a TODAY SHOW Parenting Team Contributor, and we are excited she will be sharing some wisdom and insight from the parent perspective on our blog over the next few months. We hope you enjoy hearing from Paige as she shares stories and connects you to the Highlander experience. To learn more about Paige and her work, please visit