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From wake-up to lights out, we have had a spectacular day at Camp Highlander! We started the day with “Sleep In Saturday,” Dunkin Donuts and no cabin inspection. Let’s just say we had some VERY happy campers at Highlander this morning.

Today was camper’s choice day, and everyone was all smiles on camp. On camper’s choice days, campers love choosing their activities and spending quality time with their friends. Whether bracelet making or yoga or cooking, there are lots of campers who just want to hang with friends in a relaxed setting. There are other campers who were extra focused on practicing their skills today in preparation for…Color War! There, I said it…Color War is coming and these campers are READY! They are carrying break bags, suspicious of every little thing on camp (they like to question my choice of WHY I am wearing green today) and anxiously awaiting the break. Today, some campers who hope to compete in the biggest run of Color War, signed up to hike the Old Forge route, while other campers were practicing their fire building skills for mountain relay or rope burning. There were campers practicing rolls at kayaking, forehands at tennis and free throws at basketball. There was a laser focus with these campers and COMPETITION was on their minds. I have no hints for you as to when Color War is breaking, but it’s coming, so stay tuned!

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The energy today was incredible, and the joy on the faces of your children was priceless. They are just so happy and grateful to be here. As parents, we realize they don’t thank you enough for this gift, but we promise they are soaking up every bit of fun! Tonight at dinner, Bryan asked every camper to write a bunk note home to mom and dad to just say THANK YOU…thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to camp…thank you for allowing me to make these amazing friends and wonderful memories…thank you for all you do for me. He reminded your children that this amazing day we shared at Highlander is only possible because of our camp parents! Honestly moms and dads, we DONUT know what we would do without you!

Favorite Details of the Day

  • Weather: We had another beautiful day on Old Forge. When I left this morning to get the donuts, there was a slight drizzle and the threat of rain. The rain was short lived and by the time campers got to breakfast the sun was out! We enjoyed sunshine all day today!
  • Meals: Breakfast this morning was Dunkin Donuts, sausage links, scrambled eggs and our fresh fruit and yogurt bar. Lunch was copycat chick-fil-a sandwiches, waffle fries and a salad and sandwich bar. For dinner we had Dale’s famous BBQ with pulled pork, pulled chicken, baked beans, vinegar slaw, macaroni and cheese and a sandwich and salad bar.
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was Decades Dancino. This is a super fun EP with a decade dancing casino offering games like uno, blackjack, a digital slot machine and plinko. Campers could win tickets and buy snacks and prizes from the prize booth. In the middle of the gym was a giant dance floor where everyone danced and made memories with friends. From the Church Clap to Soldier Boy, the campers were having a blast! And the decade theme costumes were fantastic!