Why Walk When You Can Dance

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I love the first few days of the camp session. There is a newness in the beginning of a session that inspires me to learn and grow - new faces and names to learn, new challenges to face and new adventures to embrace. Despite our structure and daily schedule, at camp it is impossible for things to get boring, mundane or routine. There is always something new and surprising waiting for you around the corner.

Camp changes very little from year to year (except for some positive additions like the new basketball court in boys camp, the new pump track we are using for mountain biking or the elements at the Crow’s Nest). However, our campers, the cabin units and the staff are always changing a little, one year older, different groups of people and new members to our camp family. These small adjustments are always offering a freshness to everything we do at camp. I sometimes hear campers say, “camp feels different this year.” In reality camp is not that different, but the people are different, and the campers are different, giving a fresh, new feel to our camp life that makes it seem like we are experiencing it for the first time.

Today the newness of camp is wearing off and cabins are getting into the rhythm of camp life. This is evident in the way that campers move from activity to activity. On the first day, the campers walk, actually they walk slowly. Some intentionally hang to the back of the group, clinging to their counselors for support and reassurance. They are still figuring out their cabinmates, counselors and friends, or maybe even where things are on camp. But today, I saw very little walking. Today, I saw dancing! Campers were skipping, dancing and singing their way to their next camp adventure. So I thought…why walk, when you can dance your way through life?

Without the distraction of technology, video games or the pressure of instagram likes and tik tok views, campers are free to dance like nobody’s watching and live their best life. This is a gift that they don’t even realize they wanted or needed. From braiding hair to pool games, our simple life at camp is exactly what we need, and they are loving it. And to be honest, I am too!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect at the Rock: This morning Mac reminded us that age is just a number, and we are never too old to be kids and enjoy camp. We tend to live our lives looking forward to the next birthday when we are younger and dreading it when we are older. He reminded us to live in the moment and enjoy being a kid!
  • Meals: For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and a fruit bar. For lunch we had grilled chicken sandwiches, potato chips and a salad bar. For dinner we had spaghetti and meatsauce, roasted broccoli, garlic breadsticks and salad bar. After dinner, the campers and staff erupted in the chant for Gus’, and the cheers were deafening when Bryan agreed to Gus’for all!(Gus’ is our candy and soda shack. The staff and campers stand up and chant “Gus” a few times a week, hoping for a sweet treat on nights we don’t serve dessert. When they go to Gus’, they can choose between a full size candy bar, bag of skittles, sour punch straws or a fountain soda.)
  • Weather: We had a beautiful morning at camp today. It was a sweatshirt kind of morning with just enough breeze to bundle up for breakfast. The sun was out all day until 5:00 when we had a pop-up thunderstorm that got everyone soaked in the best way. I love watching campers embrace the storm and sing in the rain. The rain stopped before dinner and our trip to Gus’.
  • EP: Tonight we had our first square dance of the session, and it was so much fun! We do-si-doed our partners, did the chicken dance, swung our corner lady and finished the night with our tradition of Footloose!
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