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We had another fantastic day at Highlander. It was our last day of cabin activities, and I reminded everyone this morning at breakfast to soak up every minute of cabin bonding time today. There were sighs and boos that came with this reminder. We can hardly believe the session is almost over, and to be honest, I’m just not ready to tell these sweet campers good-bye. We have made so many wonderful memories together and I am so thankful.

This session we’ve been celebrating Holidays in July. We’ve found a way to bring almost every holiday into our two week session from our Holiday Talent Show, to the Shamrock Showdown last night, and our Valentine Square Dance tonight. It has made this session lots of fun! I love holidays, birthdays and any reason to celebrate the people I love and life we share. Camp sometimes feels like one big holiday, and every day feels like a reason to celebrate!

My love for holidays extends far beyond the traditional “Hallmark Holidays” as Bryan calls them. I love to find those random and obscure holidays as a reason to celebrate each and every day! Well, today is actually National Different Colored Eyes Day. Ok, so maybe it’s not a holiday, but it is a reason to celebrate.

As I stood in front of the dining hall tonight, I saw over 350 pairs of eyes, all a differnet and unique color, staring back at me. I realized, I have the BEST VIEW to appreciate different colored eyes today. These beautiful eyes have seen amazing things this session, have brightened my day with their sparkle and have witnessed the magic of this mountain. Most of all, it is through their eyes that I have the best view of camp. From the surprise popsicle cart today to the story of a camper learning to ride a bike for the first time…their eyes see camp in the most beautiful way. Their eyes see more than my words can describe. I can’t wait for you to hear more about the camp experience, through their eyes!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect at the Rock: This morning Mac talked about life being a do-it-yourself project. Your attitude and choices you make today, will help build the house you will live in tomorrow. Build wisely!
  • Meals: For breakfast we had biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and a fruit bar. For lunch we had quesadillas, black beans and rice, chips with salsa and queso and a salad bar. For dinner we had grilled flank steak, roasted vegetables, rosemary potatoes, rolls and a salad bar.
  • Weather: We had another beautiful day on Old Forge Mountain! We had sunshine all day and there was a lovely breeze in the air. The high today was 87 and the low was 63. I LOVE summer in the North Carolina mountains! As I sit and write this blog tonight, the rain is coming down. Everyone is snuggled in bed with a summer storm as their sound machine. Sleep tight Camp Highlander!
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was square dance. The weather was great so we were lucky to be dancing our hearts out on the field tonight! There is something about these summer square dancing nights that make you want to stop time! Tonight was simply magical!
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