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Sundays are so important to the rhythm at camp. They are slow, simple and intentionally designed for reflection and recharging of our campers and staff. On Sundays, we prioritize rest, community, service and reflection. We sleep in a little, enjoy a chapel service as a camp family, help clean up trash from the previous week and complete surveys during our extended rest hour. After a very busy week at camp, our campers are grateful for the slow pace of this day and the chance to rest and relax with their friends.

Sundays are more socially focused than activity focused. After one week of living, playing and working together, we are deep in our friendships and love the time to just BE with one another. We affectionately call this day SUNDAY FUNDAY! When the weather cooperates, we spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine with relaxing activities that meet the social needs of our campers. However, today we scratched our outdoor plans and exchanged it for a camp-wide movie in the gym! The campers LOVED this idea! They were so grateful for the chance to sit, relax and hang out with their friends at camp. Some campers talked quietly amongst themselves, some made friendship bracelets during the movie, some were engrossed in a book, some fell asleep and the rest were glued to the screen laughing and smiling the entire time. This was a wonderful way to recharge for our exciting week ahead.

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Bruce Threlkeld, a longtime Highlander alum, is our campfire musician. He is so incredibly talented and entertaining, and the campers and staff ADORE him! We had campfire in the gym, due to the rain. The only fire we saw was on a projector screen, but you wouldn’t know it by the energy and enthusiasm of our campers and staff. Everyone was singing and dancing along to the music, and some were even crying tonight at the thought that camp is coming to an end. It was a super sweet night, and afterwards Bruce commented, “These B session campers are awesome! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a camper crowd as much as I enjoyed playing for them this session.”

Tonight at campfire we recognized our honor campers and honor cabins. These campers and cabins have embodied the CH spirt this week, leading by example as roles models and leaders on camp. Honor Campers are nominated by their counselors and voted on by the activity staff. Honor Cabins are voted by activity staff who have witnessed these cabins in their unity, teamwork and overall CHIF attitude (courage, honesty, integrity & faith) at camp over the past week. I want to give a SHOUTOUT to our Honor Campers and Honor Cabins for Session B 2022:


  • Lower Girls - Pia S. (Cabin 10)
  • Lower Boys - Lucas T. (Cabin 24)
  • Upper Girls - Zoey B. (Cabin 4)
  • Upper Boys - Luke C. (Cabin 34)
  • Girls Camp Honor Cabin - Cabin 1
  • Boys Camp Honor Cabin - Cabin 21

Favorite Details of the Day

  • Meals: For breakfast we had blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon and a fruit bar. For lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and a salad bar. For dinner we had chicken parmesan, pasta marinara, roasted broccoli and garlic breadsticks.
  • Weather: Well, the rain finally caught us. We woke up this morning and it had been raining all night. There was a slight mist of rain most of the day, which kept us inside for most of our events today.
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was campfire, and it was fantastic! After campfire, we enjoy one of our favorite camp traditions, cookies and milk!
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