Shoutout to Sunday

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Sundays are AWESOME at camp! I love that they have a balance of simply restful and wildly energetic. We have spent years trying to perfect Sundays to allow our campers and staff time to recoup after a busy week of activities, off-camp trips and thrilling EPs, yet still provide unforgettable fun that leaves lasting memories. The slower pace of the day offers less programming and more time for rest and relationship development.

After sleeping in this morning and a big breakfast, we gathered at Reflect at the Rock for chapel. Chapel has been a Sunday tradition at Camp Highlander since 1957. Typically, at chapel, we read a book with a moral lesson and break down that lesson with life application. Today’s book was “What Do You Do With a Chance?” by Kobi Yamada, and our lesson was about not letting opportunities or chances pass you by because you are afraid. Sometimes our fear or insecurity can keep us from reaching our goals, discovering our passions or even finding a new friend. I encouraged everyone to make the most of each chance they have this session to embrace the gifts before them and all that camp has to offer.

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Following chapel, we had camp clean up and SUNDAY FUNDAY sign-ups for the afternoon. Each camper could choose two activities to do this afternoon that suited their needs and interests. This was great for campers who were feeling tired from a busy week, and they enjoyed things like fairy hair, sidewalk chalk, letter writing, mafia, bracelet making, coloring or yoga. Other campers were looking for a more active afternoon and chose a bombardment game, basketball, line dancing, ultimate frisbee, crossnet, spikeball, volleyball or kickball. The pool was a very popular place to cool off on this hot summer day too!

After their extended rest hour (a Sunday favorite), campers and staff came down when they heard the snack bell to find the Dolly’s trolley waiting for them! This was a FANTASTIC surprise and the perfect treat to cool us off. After ice cream, everyone dispersed in search of their “chance” to have fun with friends and their Highlander family.

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Tonight after dinner, campers began to line up at the microphone to give shout-outs. Shout-outs are usually given at announcement times during meals by staff to recognize the awesome things that we see in our campers each day. However, today the campers had a lot to say about their gratitude and appreciation for their counselors and fellow cabin mates. My heart was exploding as the line continued to grow at the mic, while campers sung the praises of their friends who helped them overcome their fear of the blob, or the counselor who comforted them when they missed home or their Camp Highlander family for well…being their family!

Our evening program tonight was Campfire. We recognized our honor campers and honor cabins for the week. These are the highest honors an individual or a cabin unit can receive at camp. Honor campers are nominated by their counselors for their kind and respectful nature, their selfless attitude in the cabin, their positive attitude about activities and their overall camp spirit. The activity counselors then vote on the campers based on their interaction and observation of those campers throughout the week. Honor cabins are also voted on by activity counselors for their teamwork, cooperation, selflessness, generosity, joyful attitude and love shown to others - those cabins that truly embody the spirit of Camp Highlander. Honor cabins stand out as leaders on camp for their participation in Evening Programs, activities and camp events.

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Meals: Breakfast was blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon and a fruit bar. The dining hall went wild when Bryan announced that our Sunday special was chocolate milk for breakfast. The campers and staff were so excited! For lunch we had grilled cheese, tomato soup and a salad bar. Dinner was chicken parmesan, penne pasta with marinara, roasted broccoli, breadsticks and salad bar. Though it wasn’t a meal, the ice cream snack from the Dolly’s trolley today was the hands down the best food we had today!
  • Weather: It was a gorgeous day on Old Forge. Sunshine all day!
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was Campfire. Congratulations to our Honor Campers and Cabins:
  • Lower Boys: KC C. (Cabin 26)
  • Lower Girls: Paradise S (Cabin 12)
  • Upper Boys: Josh M (Cabin 29)
  • Upper Girls: Kacy K (Cabin 1)
  • Girls Camp Honor Cabin: Cabin 2
  • Boys Camp Honor Cabin: Cabin 29