Minute By Minute

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If I had a superpower, it would be to make more time. As a mom, it seems there are never enough minutes in the day to get the laundry done, the homework finished, the closets cleaned out or that gourmet dinner made. The to-do list manages to grow, not shrink, though my day is spent crossing things off. I often find I’ll lay my head down at night and say…”I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

During the summer, I find that I approach time very differently. This time of year I focus less on time management and more on time maximization. I am keenly aware that these days at camp are limited, and I want to make every single minute count.

Time is your most precious resource; make every minute count.

Brian Tracy

I love that camp has a way of slowing us down, helping us enjoy the little things that we might miss in the busyness of normal life - searching for tadpoles in the creek, sharing a laugh with a friend or dancing for no reason at all. At camp, the only sure thing is the moment before us so we choose to maximize our minutes.

Today, I loved the way our cabins were embracing every minute of sunshine and fun in their day! The energy and participation was high, and the spirit of Camp Highlander was contagious. We talked of the rain coming our way “at some point today” during breakfast, and these campers set out for adventures, making every minute count. Today there were no regrets, no missed opportunities, just magical moments that have us laying our heads on our pillow saying “let’s do it all again tomorrow!”

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect at the Rock: Today Jeff, one of our EP heads, made us laugh as he shared funny stories and memories from his summers at camp. He reminded us that we are making similar memories each day at camp whether we realize it or not. Today’s events will be what brings us laughter and joy tomorrow.
  • Meals: For breakfast we had assorted bagels with cream cheese, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and a fruit bar. For lunch we had fried or grilled chicken tenders, french fries and salad bar. Thursday night dinner is a cookout, but we had a cook-in because of the weather-hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad,potato chips,watermelon and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Weather: We had sunshine all day today, and we were soaking it up! We had some rain in the evening, but it didn’t slow down any of our fun! We stayed dry during EP, and the big storm we were expecting came right at lights out. It was perfect! Rain on a tin roof is the BEST sound machine for an amazing night’s sleep!
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was Minute to Win It! Cabins competed in small challenges against other cabins in quick, fun games like cup stacking, junk in the trunk, cookie face and more. It was a fun night and Cabin 5 was the winner of tonight’s EP trophy!
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