Everything is Better at Camp

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One of the things I love hearing from parents is how their child did something at camp, tried something for the first time or liked something at camp that they never did before. It’s usually followed by a, “I have no idea how you got them to do (eat, like, say) that, but I’m grateful.” For some reason, at camp things just sound better, taste better and are just flat out better than they are at home.

I was reminded of this truth today when I was delivering apples during fourth period on the apple cart. One of the campers asked if we grew our own apples on camp because they were “the BEST apples she had ever tasted.” Another camper told me that he didn’t really like apples, but “camp apples are different and taste so much better.” Another camper echoed and said, “Yeah, what kind of apples are these anyway? They definitely don’t have them where I live!”

You may be thinking that this is hyperbole, or just kids being kids. But it’s true…being at camp just makes life better. Cold apples taste sweeter after a hot game of lacrosse, jokes are funnier and make you laugh harder than any friend you have at home, and even chores are fun with your favorite playlist and cabinmates by your side. Camp changes the rules of our everyday lives and gives us permission to enjoy the simple things more…to live not just a good life, but a better life.

I cannot possibly tell you how good camp life was today. Truly, it was better than I could have ever imagined for our first full day of camp. I cannot remember the first Monday of camp being this positive, this energetic and this much fun! Tonight at dinner, Cabin 1 started applauding and cheering when their counselor reached their table with the food. This led to Cabin 9 doing the same thing. Then Cabin 27, Cabin 33, Cabin 12 and so on. It was the fastest spreading trend I’ve ever witnessed, and it was pure JOY! I watched as the counselors were beaming with pride approaching their table, feeling like the hero of the moment. I was in awe. It’s the counselors who are supposed to make the campers’ day, but the campers truly make our day over and over again! Oh how I love these kids! They make my life so much better!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect at the Rock: This morning I started our session reminding our campers about the power of choosing your attitude. Happiness is not determined by what is happening around you. You have a choice in how you respond to disappointment, difficult people and difficult circumstances in your life. Choose joy, gratitude and love.
  • Meals: For breakfast we had french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, sausage links and a fruit bar. For lunch we had turkey and cheese ciabatta sandwiches, sweet potato fries and a salad bar. For dinner we had chicken fajitas with peppers and onions, homemade guacamole with chips and fresh salsa and a salad bar. The disco ball went off again tonight and the dining hall went WILD for the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches!
  • Weather: We were blessed with amazing weather all day for activities. The sun was shining, and there was a nice breeze. It was fantastic! Just as dinner was ending, the rain started. This meant that we had to move EP to covered areas for the night, but we still had fun!
  • EP: Tonight’s EP was Cabin Challenge. Cabins dressed up in the superhero and villain theme (or a theme of their own) and competed against brother and sister cabins in games like tic-tac-toe relay, musical ice buckets,sponge pass, pictionary and more. The energy was through the roof!! Cabin 12 and Cabin 4 competed in the finale, and Cabin 4 won the event and the EP trophy!
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