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Today was a great first day of Color War. The energy and excitement for every single event was awesome! From the Spelling Bee to the Basketball games, the spirit and teamwork displayed today was truly incredible. Many of these campers just joined their team less than 24 hours before, but they are ALL IN for their team and teammates. They were cheering, chanting and rooting for their team like their lives depended on it, and I loved it!

In spite of their dedication and devotion to their team, their friends are still the most important part of their camp experience. I watched as friends cheered for their cabinmates on the opposite team, celebrated and congratulated the other team’s success and comforted a friend after a loss. This is what makes Color War competition unlike any other competition in your life - both teams will walk away from events with smiles, laughter and arms around their friends, regardless of winning or losing. The thing about Color War is that even when you lose, you win because someone you love wins. While there is disappointment in loss, we still find joy in the success and achievement of our friends.

Winning is still the goal, and it is that common goal that brings the team together. However, winning isn’t everything. There are so many more lessons to learn in life from losing, and losing with integrity. I am so proud of how the teams did today and the way they remain united as cabins and a camp community.


  • Ted L from Cabin 34
  • Katelyn S from Cabin 3


  • Matthew W from Cabin 34
  • Kacy K from Cabin 1


  • Jr. Giant Says
  • Jr. Longest Slide
  • Int. Riflery
  • Int. Gaga
  • Int. Boys Basketball
  • Sr. Word Games
  • Sr. Riflery
  • Sr. Lake Road Carry
  • Steal the Bacon
  • The BIG Push


  • Jr. Egg Drop
  • Jr. Pool
  • Int. Relays
  • Int. Grand Prize Game
  • Sr. Going the Distance
  • Sr. Boys Basketball
  • Sr. Firebuilding
  • Sr. Longest Slide
  • Int/Sr. Boys Volleyball
  • Int/Sr. Pool Volleyball

Evening programs during Color War offer great talent, entertainment and intense competition. Tonight’s events included Bring it On, which is a cheer/dance competition. The next event was Jr. Camp Steal the Bacon. The Blue Knights won this event. The final event of the night is called The Big Push. Nine campers from each team compete against a camper on the opposite team of the same weight class in a battle of strength, determination and perseverance. The winner of the BIG PUSH was the Blue Knights . We are so proud of all of our competitors today for their hard work, team spirit and wonderful sportsmanship. It was a super, awesome, amazing, fun, really great day, and there is so much more to come!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Meals: Breakfast was biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage patties and a fruit bar. For lunch we had ground turkey tacos with all the fixings, chips, salsa, homemade guacamole and a salad bar. Dinner was flank steak, roasted rosemary potatoes, broccoli, rolls and a salad bar.
  • Weather: We were blessed with amazing weather today. It was sunny and hot all morning. We had a brief 30 minutes pop up shower during rest hour that made the best sound machine for our naps. It also brought in a slight breeze to Old Forge.