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When I was growing up, I used to LOVE Fridays! OK, so everyone loves Fridays, but as a kid Friday meant so much more than the last day of the work week or school week. Fridays meant slumber parties, endless pizza delivered right to your door, staying up late and of course, the Friday night primetime lineup on TV. I know I’m dating myself, but it was called the TGIF lineup!

Today was one of those TGIF Fridays…we planned the very BEST lineup! We had the best weather, the best meals (cinnamon rolls, tacos and endless pizza for dinner), the best dessert (Gus’ candy shop) and the best entertainment (Talent Show) for our EP…AND a slumber party too with our new best friends! When you think about it, summer camp is pretty much non-stop Fridays every day, but today was one of those days that you don’t want to end.

Today I went around camp today taking pictures in the morning and delivering apples for apple cart in the afternoon. I was so proud to see your children giving their best to camp! At every activity, I saw the pride beaming on their faces whether it was making a boat at woodworking, hitting a bullseye at archery or rolling a kayak at the lake. But the very best part of the day was the Talent Show tonight! It was fantastic! We had a lineup of 38 performances tonight! There were vocal performances, magic tricks, stand-up comedians, gymnast and dance routines, guitar solos, comedy skits, piano performances and more. I am so proud of the courage shown from each of our campers who performed tonight.

As I sat in the gym watching the stage come to life, I realized that the most beautiful performance came from the crowd. With every musical presentation, there were hands waving in the air or clapping to the beat. Act after act, there were standing ovations, high fives, cheers and incredible support shown for our brothers and sisters at Highlander. The crowd stole the show!. And as each performer left the stage, they walked a little taller, their smile was much bigger and they were feeling their BEST! Thanks for sharing your talented, kind and wonderful children with us!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect: This morning Sam talked about persistence. Life it not always about winning and succeeding, true growth is found in failing and refusing to give up.
  • Meals: This morning at breakfast we had cinnamon rolls, bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. For lunch today we had tacos and all the fixings with homemade guacamole, salsa, and tortilla chips. Everyone was SO excited to enter the dining hall and see that we were having Papa John’s pizza for dinner!
  • Weather: Today was a perfectly beautiful day at Camp Highlander. Today we enjoyed blue skies and a warm sunny day!
  • EP: Tonight’s evening program was the talent show! Campers and counselors got together to show off on stage for the entire camp. There was singing, dancing, skits, piano performances and even magic tricks. It was amazing!
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