One More Dance

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The amount of dancing that occurs on camp is just awesome! There is honestly always something to dance about…a delicious lunch, your favorite activity or your favorite song…life at camp is full of reasons to dance. We have been dancing our way through camp for the past 2 ½ weeks, and we cannot get enough!

Tonight we enjoyed our last official dance of the summer, and it was amazing! The smiles, the laughter and the joy on every face in the Gillespie gymnasium said it all…we don’t want the dance to end.

When Mac announced that tonight was the last square dance at lunch, my heart sank. I knew it was coming, but it just came too fast. I don’t want it to end. I cannot believe how quickly this summer has passed. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend the summer with your children. They have filled my days with laughter, hugs, joy and so much love.

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect: This morning Mac talked about carrying the weight of your problems. Much like carrying a glass of water, carrying stress on your shoulders for a brief moment may seem insignificant. However, as time passes without letting it go, it will grow heavier and eventually you will no longer be able to handle the strain of the weight. You cannot carry a glass of water forever, so why would you carry your problems forever? It is important to let the things go that are weighing you down. Don’t dwell on your problems, take a breath and allow the weight to roll off of your shoulders and you will find your life lighter and happier.
  • Meals: For breakfast this morning we had biscuits and gravy, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. Lunch was a camp favorite: turkey and cheese ciabattas, chips, and fresh salads. We had greek chicken with roasted vegetables, greek salad, toasted pita bread and hummus for dinner.
  • Weather: We had another beautiful morning on Old Forge! The sun was out and the skies were clear for a day full of activities! Rain was in the forecast for the evening, so we moved EP to the gym.
  • EP: It’s the FINAL Square Dance of the summer! The entire camp dressed up in their country gear and pulled on their cowboy boots for one more night of dancing.