More to this Mountain

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We had another fantastic day at Highlander today. This morning after breakfast, I announced that since we have all been happy and healthy at Highlander this session, we were changing tomorrow’s plan (Wednesday) from Cabin Choice to Camper’s Choice. The dining hall went CRAZY!!! The campers were so excited about this simple gift of freedom in choice, and we were even happier to deliver the news.

Since tomorrow is now Camper’s Choice, today was our last day of activities as a cabin group. I reminded everyone to make the most of their cabin time today and to enjoy every moment. I can hardly believe the session is almost over, and to be honest, I’m just not ready to tell these sweet campers good-bye. We have made so many wonderful memories and have learned so much about ourselves and others.

While your children have been away, I am sure you have been scouring the photos to find your their smiling face and living vicariously through their daily adventures. You see the fun activities, the crazy costumes and the wonderful memories being made, but what you may not know is that there’s more to this mountain than the eye can see. There is so much more going on than the pictures could possibly describe.

At Camp Highlander, our session is filled with wonderful opportunities to challenge and stretch each camper while they are away from mom and dad. From cleaning the cabin, to following a recipe at cooking, to performing on stage at Talent Show or asking someone to dance, we provide a place where they are free to learn, to make mistakes and to grow. I have learned so much from your children this session, and they remind me that adults are never done learning and growing either. Just when I thought I had this whole camp director thing figured out after twenty years, they’ve opened my eyes to see there is so much more to this mountain!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect: Jaxon talked about embracing the opprotunity of each new day. Every day is a new day, a chance to start over and do the right thing…a chance to learn from mistakes and to grow.
  • Meals: We started our day with biscuits, sausage, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. Our lunch was corn dogs, macaroni and cheese and mixed green salad.For dinner we enjoyed grilled chicken and veggie fajitas with a side of black beans, mexican rice,homemade guacamole, salsa, and queso with chips. After dinner, the Gus’ chant started, and in overwhelming agreement we all enjoyed candy or soda from Gus’ Place.
  • Weather: We have been so incredibly blessed with great weather this session! Sunny skies all day with a nice cool breeze in the trees. Truly spectacular weather!
  • EP: Tonight’s evening program was Square Dance!! It’s the final square dance of the session, and everyone made it count! Campers danced their hearts out on the land sports field, dressed up in their best country attire. They cheered and laughed as the music played, swinging hand-in-hand with their partners and many friends that they have made this session. It was an amazing night!
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There's more to this mountain than the eye can see. More to this mountain and it belongs to you and me. Come with me and I will take you there. The mountain stream will chase away your cares. Feel the breeze, gaze at the stars. Makes the whole world seem so very far away...from Highlander.