CW Day 2

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Day two of Color War had us running all day! Today hosted one of the original events of Color War from 1964 and what we call today the Old Forge Run. This run at the old Camp Highlander, located in Highlands, NC, was called the Blue Valley Run. When Camp Highlander relocated to the current campus, they renamed the run Old Forge, since that is the name of the mountain that is home to Camp Highlander today.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a long run. Sunny skies and a cool breeze accompanied our eight runners, four from each team, as they battled a long and challenging event. The runners were very close in time, but in the end the total team time victory went to the Red Devils but the top male runner and top female runner went to the White Knights.

We kept running at all four neighborhood Pentathlons today, at kickball, at our ultimate frisbee games, on the tennis court, on the basketball court, at Tic-Tac-Toe relays and our final daytime event was a running relay - the Carolina Streak.

The athleticism and determination of our campers during Color War always amazes me. These campers work so hard and pour their heart into each and every event. But Color War is not all about athletic talent. There are events that require intelligence, problem solving, artistic talent, musical gifts, performance talent and even listening skills. Today we had balloon stomp, flag em, eco challenge, four corners, disc golf, pictionary, foosball, tetherball and so much more. It is very impressive to see what our campers are capable of accomplishing for their team, and I love that everyone has an opportunity to shine.

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Tonight’s EP’s were fantastic! Our first EP was Teen Idol. This is a Color War talent show with five categories: vocal talent, instrumental talent, lip sync performance, original dance routine and dancing with the officers. Both teams had incredible talent and we all enjoyed the show! After Teen Idol, we had Harness Pull and the White Knights took home the victory.

More than the talent, the entertainment, the athleticism or the smarts, I am so impressed with the kindness that our campers have shown one another through victory and defeat. I have witnessed campers cheering for the opposite team because friendship is more important than winning. I have watched integrity take priority over victory as a camper says, “The ball hit me, I’m out.” I have seen love rule as best friends compete against one another in Harness Pull, knowing they both win no matter the outcome. Days like today remind me that there is more to Color War than competiton. Color War teaches our campers valuable life lessons, and we are so blessed to share this experience with your children. Thank you for sharing them with us!

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Red Devil Victories:

  • Kickball (Neighborhood 4)
  • Girls Ultimate (N1)
  • Baggo (N2)
  • Pictionary (N2)
  • Ping Pong (N2)
  • Tennis (N2)
  • Eco Challenge (N1)
  • Four Corners (N4)

White Knight Victories:

  • Pentathlon (Neighborhood 4)
  • Tic Tac Toe Relay (N3)
  • Basketball (N2)
  • Boys Ultimate (N1)
  • RIflery (N1)
  • Crossnet (N1)
  • Foosball (N4)
  • Kickball (N3)