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We had a great first day of competition. The weather was incredible today - warm and sunny with a cool breeze at just the right time. The campers worked up a large appetite, and the dining hall provided excellent fuel to keep us playing all day.

Day one of Color War was awesome! The competition was fantastic, but the sportsmanship was better. I am so proud of our campers and staff who showed amazing teamwork and integrity today. Without any prompt from the Green Giants, campers were shaking hands, offering congratulations, wishing good luck and showing support of the opposite team with hugs and cheers. Both teams walked away from competition with smiles, laughter and arms around their friends, regardless of winning or not. This is what makes Color War so different from any other competition in life. Even when you lose, you win because someone you love wins. While there is disappointment in loss, we still find joy in the success and achievement of our friends.

Red Devil Majors 2021

Jazy H from Cabin 2 Granison A. from Cabin 33

White Knight Majors 2021

Caroline P. from Cabin 2 Carter M. from Cabin 33

Evening programs during Color War offer great talent, entertainment and intense competition. Tonight’s events included Bring it On, which is a cheer/dance competition. The Red Devils won this event. The next event was Lower Camp Steal the Bacon (Neighborhood 3 &4). The White Knights won this event. The final event of the night is called The Big Push. Nine campers from each team compete against a camper on the opposite team of the same weight class in a battle of strength, determination and perseverance. The winner of the BIG PUSH was the White Knights .

We are so proud of all of our competitors today for their hard work, team spirit and wonderful sportsmanship. It was a super, awesome, amazing, fun, really great day, and there is so much more to come!

Red Devil Victories

  • Egg Drop (Neighborhood 4)
  • Giant Says (Neighborhood 3)
  • Volleyball (Neighborhood 1)
  • Longest Slide (Neighborhood 3)
  • Swim Meet (Neighborhood 3)
  • Thread the Needle (Neighborhood 1)

White Knight Victories

  • Heads Up (Neighborhood 2)
  • Pool (Neighborhood 2)
  • Eggs of Steel (Neighborhood 3)
  • Heads Up (Neighborhood 1)
  • Boys Basketball (Neighborhood 1)
  • Grand Prize Game (Neighborhood 2)