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As a parent, I realize that “cool” is constantly changing before I can get a firm understanding of what “cool” is, especially at camp. While “cool” is impossible to define because it means many different things to many different people, there is a camp “cool” that just doesn’t translate to the rest of the world and I LOVE it! Camp “cool” is the license to play, be vulnerable, act goofy, make a fool of yourself and not take life too seriously. Camp “cool” says, this would look really odd in the everyday world, but at camp who cares! It’s cool!

Camp cool is anything and everything from wearing your clothes backwards to breakfast, because it’s backwards breakfast Friday, to talking in a foreign accent all day. At camp, costumes are always a good idea, insects are cool and so are fanny packs. Socks with chacos are a statement piece and tutus are a necessity. Breaking out in random song, spontaneous dancing and uncontrollable laughter are at the center of our best memories. At camp, we love the odd, unexpected, playful and creative, and so do your children.

What I think is the coolest thing about camp is the way our campers love and accept others. I love that our community doesn’t require you to prove yourself to be valued, respected and included. At Highlander, our campers seek to love and be loved each day at camp and this is why we think that they are just too COOL!

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Favorite Details of the Day

  • Reflect: Spencer talked at reflect this morning about each one of our purposes at Camp Highlander. Whether you are at camp as a camper or staff, we all have a purpose here on this mountain. He reminded us that we might be the friend, the encourager or the laughter that someone else needs.
  • Meals: For breakfast this morning we enjoyed cinnamon rolls, bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. We had tacos for lunch with chips, salsa, and homemade guacamole. What a fantastic meal to fuel our afternoon! The last meal of the day was roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted brussel sprouts and warm rolls. A feast to be thankful for!
  • Weather: We woke up to humidity and rain puddles, but no rain. The sun came out early this morning and we had another wonderful day of cool mountain breezes and sunny skies on Old Forge Mountain.
  • EP: Tonight’s evening program was Gladiator! The entire camp was divided into five teams who battled the gladiators (activity counselors) for the EP trophy: Green Geckos, Orange Orangutans, Red Rhinos, Blue Belugas and Pink Pandas. The teams then competed at different activities such as tug of war, powerball, attack, balance beam and gladiator’s crate. The Blue Belugas (Cabins 1, 9, 22, 26 & 29) ultimately defeated the gladiators for a victory tonight, but everyone had a blast!
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