The Legacy Project Update

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If you’ve been following our blog or social media posts since last December, you know all about our major Assembly Court renovation (aka, The Legacy Project!) And though we are certainly disappointed that we must wait another year before this new space hosts hundreds of campers and counselors, we are absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out!

But even more than the beautiful new trees and grassy lawn, or the natural boulder benches and pristine stone steps, we love love LOVE the marks you, our camp family, have already left through your personalized messages and notes of love and gratitude. Our first round of customized cobblestones and bench plaques arrived over the summer and we’ve finally installed them. It brings us immeasurable joy to think that these memories, these shout-outs, these names and dates, these glimpses of the history of Highlander will forever be engraved in this new space!

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So, as you enjoy a quick photo tour of the new Assembly Court, we owe a huge THANK YOU to each and every family, camper, counselor, and alum who have already donated to the cause! And, if you want to purchase an item to customize and donate, you still have time to do so. We have plenty of cobblestones, steps, benches, and even trees available to donate. Click here to shop around and leave your mark on the Legacy Project today!

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