Session C Final News

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It’s closing day of Session C and the summer of 2019! We had a fantastic day yesterday saying good-bye and remembering the amazing three weeks we shared as a camp family. Soon the gates will open and campers will be reunited with their families, and we will all go back to our normal lives. I say normal because nothing about camp is normal, yet everything about camp is wonderful.

Last night we had some exciting award given for campers who earned their master in an activity this session, and we had one camper who earned her Master of the Mills, Zoey B. This is a huge accomplishment to earn your master in 7 activities. Zoey has been working on her Master of the Mills for the past three years, and this was such a proud moment for her!

We had campers and staff receiving their 5 year pins, their 10 year knives or bracelets and even staff receiving their 15 year fleece. We recognized our All Star Campers and Staff for the summer, and we even had Honor Campers that we recognized at our final campfire. It was an unforgettable evening.

Before we loaded our Florida and Louisiana campers on the bus, we gathered in the gym to watch the Session C WBLT and the Session C slideshow. I had to share the news of WBLT with you. Enjoy!

Thank you again for the opportunity to share this amazing summer with your children. We are so grateful!

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  • Jr. Camp - Henry P. & Elizabeth H.
  • Int. Camp - Chloe T. & Lars J.
  • Sr. Camp - Lindsey F. & Hays A.
  • Male Staff - Evan Bush, Michael Nutting, Clay Smith, Elliot Sable
  • Female Staff - Natalia Bermudez, Lauren Upper, Lindsey Eubanks, LC Hines


  • Girls Camp -Jazzy H.
  • Boys Camp Colin W.
  • Girls Camp Amelia N.
  • Boys Camp Kasey C.
  • Girls Camp Bryce S.
  • Boys Camp John F.