Camp Recipes for the Holidays!

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If your social media feeds and email inboxes are anything like ours, they’re blowing up right now with holiday-themed EVERYTHING: festive gatherings, bright decorations, exciting celebrations, age-old traditions and, of course, delicious food! So, in true holiday spirit, we gathered up some of our favorite recipes to share with you as you prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Some of these recipes might seem familiar to you (as they should) because they come straight from our Kamper Kitchen. Some of these recipes come from the families of our year-round team and include traditions that we enjoy year after year with our loved ones. Our hope is that you’ll surprise your own family by trying out one or two recipes (or more!) that sound too yummy to resist. If you do, please let us know how it goes! And if you’ve got a delicious family recipe that YOU want to share with US, please do. We’re always willing to add a tasty tradition or two ourselves! Happy eating!


  • Whipping Cream Biscuits *To make ’em like Miss Kaye does for weddings at Highlander, melt some brown sugar and butter together, spread it on the insides of the biscuit, and add a slice of honey ham! Mmm-Mmm!
  • Homemade Chex Mix *Melissa says you HAVE to make this spicy by being generous with the Tabasco (and adding a little cayenne pepper in as well!)
  • Toasted Ranch Pretzels *Simple. Easy. Snack-a-licious!
  • Cheddar Biscuits *Just like we do in the Kamper Kitchen!


  • Milk Bar Crack Pie *Recommended by Bryan himself! (He brought this into the office last year and it was devoured in about 14.3 seconds.)
  • Sweet Potato Souffle *From Big Mac’s family in O-H-I-O! It won “Best Side” at last year’s Highlander Thanksgiving Potluck!
  • Russian Tea Cakes *So yummy that Miss Beth’s dog once ate the entire batch (ruh-roh!)
  • Kentucky Derby Pie *A holiday tradition in Katie’s family! (Why wait until May to enjoy this delicious derby-related desert!?)
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies *Adam says it’s what happens when pumpkin pie meets casual Friday.