We're On Top of the World

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I love Saturdays at camp! There was a contagious joy on camp today. It was Camper’s Choice Day, so everyone was excited about their schedule, hanging out with their best friends and going on cool off-camp adventures. But after a week together, there is a comfort, a peace and an appreciation about being with the wonderful people in our camp community. I taught an activity this morning, and I was overwhelmed by the “thank yous” I received after class, and I continued to hear them all day all over camp.

Saturdays bring great anticipation for the signature EP, which always delivers happy memories for our campers. Tonight our EP staff brought back a theme from years ago, The World’s Fair, and it was fantastic!! The gym was converted into a tour around the world, with flags from different countries around the gym, each containing a booth with games or food that represented their culture. The campers got to play hockey at Canada’s booth, drink tea and eat scones in England, get their face painted in Argentina, arm wrestle in America, and so much more. We had a Velcro wall outside of the gym that was a huge hit, and everyone loved eating fair food like funnel fries, taquitos and cotton candy.

We wait all year to enjoy a few weeks together at Camp Highlander, and I can hardly believe how quickly it is flying by. We are doing our best to soak in each moment of each day and appreciate the gift. We are ON TOP OF THE WORLD, and we are full of smiles!

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Favorite Details of the Day:

  • Sleep In Saturday - Today our campers received a couple of gifts from camp… Krispy Kreme Donuts for breakfast, late wake-up (8:45) and late breakfast (9:15). We had some HAPPY CAMPERS this morning! When we told them last night at dinner about Sleep In Saturday, the screams were deafening. They were so excited! It’s the simplest things that make them happy!
  • Meals - Breakfast was donuts, eggs, fruit bar, oatmeal and grits. Lunch was corndogs, curly fries, salad bar. Dinner was chicken cordon bleu, roasted carrots and spinach salad with feta and strawberries. Yummy!
  • EP - The signature EP of Session C - the World’s Fair! Check out the video below for a peek!
  • Weather - We had the most beautiful day! The forecast showed thunderstorms all day, and while we slept through a storm and woke up to rain, the sun was out by the end of breakfast. It was hot, sunny and wonderful!
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