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One of the best things about camp is that we don’t define success as the world defines it. While the world tends to focus on the product, the end result, the outward appearance, camp values the process and the journey that each camper travels.

Most children would say that they feel silly celebrating an effort that doesn’t seem like an achievement. Why celebrate completing your morning chore, hitting one tennis ball over the net or climbing up one-third of the climbing wall? At Camp Highlander, we celebrate these small moments because we are making progress. We celebrate the change that is made on the inside that can’t always be seen on the outside.

As we practice celebrating the small achievements of each day, not only do we enjoy the journey more, but we motive campers to persevere, inspire happiness and build confidence. We know that in life we’re going to encounter our fair share of challenges between here and the finish line, so we can’t wait until we get “there” to celebrate.

Within the cabin unit, campers feel free to push themselves out of their comfort zone, try new things and face their fears, knowing that the smallest progress is worth celebrating. One of my greatest joys as a Camp Director is found in these small accomplishments - the sweet stories that turn a summer at camp from a fun adventure to a life-changing experience.

Today brought small victories and great joy in the lives of our campers. Thank you for being a part of the journey of Camp Highlander.

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Favorite Details of the Day:

  • Reflect at the Rock - Mac reminded us of our potential this morning at Reflect at the Rock. He read a poem and encouraged us to pursue what we want to be, to dream and believe in your potential.
  • Meals - Breakfast was bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and fruit bar, oatmeal and grits. Lunch was grilled chicken, baked potato bar and salad bar! Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, italian salad, roasted veggies and garlic bread. For dessert, we had Gus’s (candy or soda after camper’s choice sign-ups.
  • EP - Tonight’s EP was one of the oldest Camp Highlander traditions - Square Dance!! During Session C, we always host the square dances outside on our athletic field, which the campers love! Boys Camp won this morning’s Trivia Tuesday Assembly challenge, so they chose for Girls Camp to pick their first partner at Square Dance tonight. Campers danced with counselors, some danced with other campers, everyone learned how to do-si-do and we all did the chicken dance. SO MUCH FUN!!
  • Special Events - Tonight we had our Big Sister/Little Sister reveal with cabins 1 & 17, 2 & 16, 3 & 15!! This is such a fun tradition that fosters leadership for our oldest campers and makes our youngest campers feel so special. Check out the cuteness from their campfire and s’mores in the photos below!

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

Arthur Ashe
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