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Smiles are the language of love at camp. A smile says I’m glad you’re here or I’m proud of you. A smile can say “you’ve got this” or “don’t give up.” And most of all, a smile says “we love you” and “my day is brighter because you are a part of it.”

After a week at camp together, our community is marked by smiles that tell the story of our summer. We are reaching goals, making new friends and sharing magical memories each day at camp, and we bear the hundreds, probably thousands, of smiles that prove it.

Thank you for making our joyful world possible. Thank you for sharing your children with us, so they can share their smiles that make our day!

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Favorite Details of the Day:

  • Reflect - Adam talked about being someone worth remembering. The people are what make Camp Highlander so special. Years from now you may not remember your score at archery or if your team won Color War, but you will definitely remember the people who are here with you at camp. He challenged us to focus on our friendships and to be someone worth remembering.
  • Meals - Breakfast was bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit, yogurt, grits and oatmeal. Lunchm was philly cheese steak and potato chips and salad bar. Dinner was turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and homemade rolls. Dessert was apple crisp!!
  • EP - We had a GIANT dance party in the gym! We did the Macarena, danced the conga, whipped and nay nay’ed, and they tried to teach me how to Dougie. I even led the entire camp in a zumba routine to Uptown Funk. It was so much fun!
  • Weather - The weather was beautiful and sunny this morning, which was a nice surprise. We had rain all night last night. We enjoyed the sunshine until about 4:00 when a huge rainstorm hit Mills River! The good news about mountain rain is that it is usually fast and fierce. The rain stopped around 5:00 and was clear the rest of the night! High today was 77 and low was 65.
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