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The final day of Color War 2018 was a day for the history books. We woke up to fantastic weather but there was a threat of rain for the early afternoon. At breakfast, I was telling the Green Giants to cross their fingers that the rain would hold off. I knew that today had all 3 bombardment games, and the 4:15 event was for the seniors that I would hate to be cancelled. The day went off without a hitch. At dinner, we were all saying how lucky we have been with the weather - four days of no rain without any cancelled events. It was truly a dream come true.

Day four was full of fantastic competition, wonderful memories and lots of fun. The campers poured their heart into every event, knowing that this Color War was a very tight race and that every moment, every effort and every point mattered.

At 8:15 tonight we got the call from the gym that the White Knights were ready to start the final program. We sat down to enjoy the play and with the first line, the rain came pouring down on the tin roof. A tremendous thunderstorm hit western North Carolina, and we could not hear one word the actors were saying. I looked at the Green Giants and said, “This is a terrible situation!”

My heart was breaking for the campers. I could feel their frustration knowing that no one could understand what they were saying. The final program is a one act play that is written, directed and cast by the staff. The campers have to memorize lines, help build the sets and attend play practice, while competing in events. It is truly an amazing feat! I am in awe every year of what these campers can accomplish with teamwork and dedication.

This is a very close Color War, and in fairness to every camper and every staff member that has worked so hard for the past four days, we decided to postpone the final program until tomorrow morning. When we announced the decision in the gym, everyone jumped up and cheered. Campers and staff came up to me after the announcement saying thank you and giving me hugs, which was all the confirmation I needed that this was the right decision.

Tonight, we made history; we broke tradition. Never before has Color War lasted for 5 days, but every decision we make at Camp Highlander is in the best interest of our campers.

This is what we do. The campers are why we do it. This is what makes Camp Highlander, A Place Like No Other.


  • Int. Flag Em
  • Int. Poker
  • Int. Wiffleball
  • Int. Bombardment
  • Int/Sr Disc Golf
  • Int/Sr Pool Volleyball
  • Sr. Tennis Challenge
  • Sr. Pickleball
  • Sr. Memory Lapse
  • Sr. Bombardment


  • Jr. Four Corners
  • Jr. Flag Em
  • Jr. Riflery
  • Int. Tetherball
  • Int. Pickleball
  • Int/Sr Tug of War
  • Int/Sr Soccer
  • Sr. Tetherball
  • Sr. Lake Road Carry
  • Staff Soccer
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