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Day three of Color War has the highest stakes with the most points on the line for the teams. This day has historically been a game-changer for many teams with two extremely critical events, Mountain Relay and Rope Burning. These two events are the two most traditional events of Color War that were a part of the very first Color War in 1964.

The Mountain Relay is a giant race that includes over 50 challenges and involves almost 100 campers from each team. The difficulty is completing your obstacle while still holding the baton. These batons were made in 1976 and have been used in every Mountain Relay and Carolina Streak for the last 42 years. Campers pass the baton to a teammate at the next obstacle which include rolling a kayak, promenading your partner down gym, road, carrying a cinder block from the office to the gym, walking like the statue of liberty with toilet paper and a plunger, shooting a block of wood at riflery, blobbing a teammate to swim to the beach,mini rope burning (fire from flint and steel, driving a nail and more. This event is so intense because it only takes one hurdle to slow you down and change the fate of the competition.

Today the White Knights were in the lead by about 3 minutes at the start of the race, but when they got to the Volleyball court they hit a wall. The campers were supposed to volley the ball back and forth 5 times over the net, but with the pressure to perform, they could not complete the challenge. The Red Devils got to volleyball, completed the 5 volleys, taking the lead from the White Knights. When the Knights caught up with the Devils at mini rope burning, the devils were struggling to get their fire lit. The Knights calmly lit their fire and slowly began to kindle a strong flame and within a few short minutes, their rope broke. They were off with the baton and headed to the final 3 obstacles. The last obstacle is historically known to be a crux in the race - driving the nail. The Red Devils caught up with the Knights at the final event, but the White Knights were struggling to drive the nail straight into the block of wood. Nail after nail, they kept trying as the pressure rose. In went the nail for the Red Devils and off they went to ring the victory bell. It was an unbelievable race!

Color War definitely makes our campers work up an appetite. For breakfast we had bagels, cream cheese, eggs, bacon, fruit bar, oatmeal and grits. For lunch we had chicken wings, mac and cheese and salad bar. For dinner we had fried chicken, corn on the cob, kale salad, homemade rolls and salad bar.

The Green Giants would like to give a huge shout out to the White Knights for the delicious meal they made for us for Serve it Up. The Knights served us a green salad, bruschetta, chicken picatta and tiramisu. It was fantastic! We are looking forward to the Red Devils’ Serve it Up tomorrow.

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  • Jr. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Jr. Balloon Stomp
  • Int. Going the Distance
  • Int. Archery
  • Int. Foosball
  • Int. Lacrosse
  • Int./Sr. Girls Basketball
  • Int./Sr. Cloud Shooting
  • Sr. Four Corners
  • 3-2-1 Think


  • Jr. Human Battleship
  • Jr. Heads Up
  • Jr. Memory Lapse
  • Int. Four Corners
  • Int. Firebuilding
  • Int. Thread the Needle
  • Int. Lacrosse
  • Sr. Can Jam
  • Sr. Tic Tac Toe Relay
  • Sr. Poker
  • Sr. Archery

Tonight’s evening programs included one of the oldest EPs of Color War, Rope Burning and the newest EP just added this year, Water Wars. Water Wars was held at the pool and included some old events like the hang and six inches, but showcased many new events like canoe tug of war, jousting, raft guide relay and seal swim. The campers loved the EP and are already asking to bring it back for 2019. With a 5-2 victory, the White Knights are the new champions of Water Wars.

Rope burning is one of the oldest Color War EPs, dating all the way back to the first Color War in 1964. This event is the only event that has not changed rules or format in all of Color War. Tonight the Red Devils took home the victory.

Tomorrow is the last day of Color War, and at this point it is really anyone’s war to win. This is a close race, and we are very excited to see how the next 24 hours will unfold.

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