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We had a great first day of competition. After a late wake up and late breakfast this morning, the campers were pumped about the day ahead, and the word on the street is that the 2018 Color War break was the BEST EVER!

The weather was great today - warm, sunny and afternoon clouds that offered some relief and shade to the competitors. The campers have worked up a large appetite, and we all ate well today. Breakfast was French toast, bacon, eggs, fruit bar, oatmeal and grits. Lunch was sloppy Joes, chips, and salad bar. Dinner was Greek chicken, Greek salad, assorted hummus, pita bread and veggies.

Day one of Color War is the day of learning. The officers from the team need to learn about managing lists, learn about their campers on the team and where they will shine best over the next 4 days. They learn about time management, communication, respect, teamwork and good sportsmanship. In addition to amazing memories and lots of fun during Color War, these are the valuable life lessons and life skills that the staff is teaching our campers over the next few days.

Today was a day of learning for the campers - learning by watching their leaders, fellow teammates, team majors (voted senior camp cheerleaders) and from the competitions. Through the experience of Color War, we see our campers grow in tremendous ways as they learn about winning with humility, losing with integrity and being a good friend, regardless of your team.

As intense and competitive as Color War is, there is a deep bond in the cabin that unites friendships that no victory and no defeat, nothing can break. This is a beautiful thing!


  • Jr. Egg Drop
  • Jr. Grand Prize Game
  • Int. Word Games
  • Int. Human Skeeball
  • Int. Jenga
  • Int. Grand Prize Game
  • Int./Sr. Longest Slide
  • Sr. Word Games
  • Sr. Claying Around
  • Sr. Spelling Bee
  • Sr. Riflery
  • Sr. Firebuilding
  • Sr. Ping Pong
  • Sr. Mountain Biking
  • Girls Volleyball


  • Jr. Pool
  • Jr. Giant Says
  • Jr. Longest Slide
  • Jr. Basketball
  • Jr./Int. Relays
  • Int. Gaga Ball
  • Int. Boys Basketball
  • Int. Memory Lapse
  • Int. Riflery
  • Sr. Gaga Ball
  • Sr. Heads Up
  • Sr. Boys Basketball
  • Sr. Thread the Needle
  • Sr. Jenga
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Color War days are filled with activies and events for every camper to compete twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The evening events provide an additional opportunity for campers to compete, and these events offer entertainment, suspense and fierce competition. The screams and cheers during these EPs are unbelievable!

Tonights events included Bring it On, which is a cheer/dance competition. The White Knights won this event. The next event was Junior Camp Steal the Bacon. The White Knights also won this event. The final event of the night is called The Big Push. Nine campers from each team compete against a camper on the opposite team of the same weight class in a battle of strength, determination and perseverance. The winner of the BIG PUSH was the Red Devils.

On Color War days, I can’t silence the sweet sounds from my day as they continue to replay in my head:

Devils are dynamite, don’t mess with dynamite!

White Knights are number one, and don’t you forget it!

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