One of the things I find amazing about camp is that every day is a day that ends in “y.”

Now, you might be thinking, “Of course it is, Melissa! Every day ends in “y” whether you’re at camp or not!” And yes, you’re right. But if someone asked me what my favorite day at camp is, I would answer, “The day that ends in ‘y!’”

What I mean is that every summer day is a camp day, which makes each one my favorite! Regardless of which specific day it might be, I know that camp days are filled with the people and activities that I love and look forward to all year long!

Quite simply, Camp Highlander is my happy place. The magic of camp makes the days of the week irrelevant. Every day is an adventure, an opportunity, and an extraordinary gift to be enjoyed and celebrated.

In the summer, I live in a blissful world far removed from the hustle and bustle of real life – free from hectic schedules and crammed calendars yet full of meaningful moments shared joyfully with friends. I get so caught up in the magic of camp that I’m constantly asking others, “What day is it today?”

During the rest of the year, however, while bogged down with the never-ending to-do lists, doctor appointments, sports practices, school projects and the many commitments of life, I am fully aware what day it is. For nine months of the year, I feel like I’m living for the weekend or the next teacher workday or that glorious unexpected snow day when I can slow down and actually enjoy life with loved ones.

I find myself counting down the days until summer begins again … and I hear from campers and counselors throughout the year who find themselves in a similar position. Just like me, Camp Highlander is their happy place – where they lose track of the days and enjoy every single moment with their dearest camp friends.

The question is, why can’t this camp happy mindset exist every day of the year?

In her book, Simply Tuesday, Emily P. Freeman says that real life is lived in the small moments – you know, the ones that often pass us by on any ordinary Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday, etc.) Freeman says, “What if, instead of thinking we have to choose between our ordinary life and an extraordinary life, we began to realize they’re the same thing?”

As I read (and reread) this passage, I found the answer to my question … we CAN live camp happy throughout the year when we live the Highlander Creed!

Make today better than yesterday, as good as you hope tomorrow will be,
with courage, honesty, integrity and faith as you live the Highlander Creed.

So, what are you waiting for? Take time today to appreciate the people around you and to enjoy the small moments that exist only in today. Don’t rush through the day, wishing it away for tomorrow (or Friday, or the weekend, or the upcoming holiday break, or even for next summer!) Live each day to the fullest, soaking up every blessed moment! Remember, you might be the only way for someone else to experience the magic of Camp Highlander. Live it today, tomorrow and every day.

Live happy. Live camp!