Four Ways to Make CH2018 the Best Summer Ever!

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New Year’s resolutions are set each January by those seeking to improve their lives with the incoming year. From diets and fitness plans to financial changes and less time spent glued to our phones, we try to make the most out of every aspect of our lives.

This got us thinking – what if we applied this same practice to our time at summer camp? What if we set “camp resolutions” to help make the most out of our few precious weeks spent on Old Forge Mountain? Imagine how much more enjoyable your summer would be if you took a few small steps to prepare for camp before you even arrived.

To that effort, we’ve put together four short resolutions to get you started. We encourage you to commit yourself to any (or all) of these goals and watch how they positively impact your Highlander experience! But don’t stop here! If you have other ideas for how to make the summer of 2018 your best yet, by all means, pursue them!

Write an (actual) letter to your camp friends!
Nowadays, it’s almost impossible NOT to keep up with friends and family through the countless social media platforms at your disposal. But, as you’ll discover (or rediscover) at camp, there’s something special about writing/receiving a handwritten letter. Send a letter to your camp friends from previous summers and rekindle those irreplaceable bonds as you count down the days together!

Dedicate yourself to pursuing a Master of the Mills in your favorite activity!
Just last summer we launched the Master of the Mills program in which we developed a series of benchmark goals for almost every activity on camp. Whether you love horseback riding, archery, pottery, kayaking or anything and everything on camp, we encourage you to pick your absolute favorite activity and work towards attaining your Master of the Mills! The skills you develop and the joy of accomplishment will add tremendous value to your summer!

Put together a show-stopping outfit for one of our signature EP’s!
From Cabin Challenge and Square Dance to Country Fair and Monte Carlo, every Evening Program at Highlander is wildly fun and entertaining … and with all of that excitement comes some incredibly creative costumes and outfits. Part of the magic of EP’s is letting loose to enjoy an evening of silly and spontaneous fun. Add to the electric atmosphere this summer by putting together an outrageously awesome EP outfit worthy of stealing the show!

Send us song suggestions to add to the Camp Highlander 2018 Playlist!
Nothing says summer camp like rocking out to your favorite songs with your cabinmates and counselors! From opening day to closing day, on DJ Wednesdays in the dining hall, during rest hour and throughout most EP’s, the music rarely stops at Camp Highlander! We’re looking for your help as we put together the soundtrack to our summer, and what could be more fun than singing your heart out at camp to a song that YOU suggested? You can submit your suggestions via Facebook, Instagram or email. Keep in mind all music must be camp appropriate and available on Spotify.

There you have it. Four simple ways you can start making CH2018 the best summer ever … today! We can’t wait to see you this summer!