Thank You!

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We’re feeling particularly thankful this Thursday as we reflect upon the incredible summer of 2017 and all of the wonderful people who helped make it such an unforgettable year. And so, as a small token of our appreciativeness, we simply wanted to say…


Thank you to each and every camper, first-years and veterans alike, who made the decision to come to Highlander this summer! Thank you for bringing your excitement, your energy, your enthusiasm and your happiness to the mountain!

Thank you to all of our incredible staff members, cabin counselors, activity counselors, head counselors, nurses, photographers, videographers, camp moms, maintenance team members, the kitchen crew and every one else who dedicated their time and love and effort to this mountain and all who call it home!

Thank you to every last one of our camp families! Thank you for providing your child(ren) the unforgettable opportunity to spend one, two, three (or more) weeks with us! Thank you for trusting us to look after and love your little ones! Thank you for hosting us in your homes in the fall, for celebrating with us at our winter reunions, and for always showing us such kindness and warmth and love!

Thank you to our alumni who helped build the legacy of Camp Highlander through the ages and now carry on that legacy with pride. Thank you for sharing your experiences on Old Forge with those around you and for passing down the heritage of camp to your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, coworkers and friends!

Most of all, thank you to every single person who considers themselves a part of our wonderful camp family! Without the people of Highlander, we wouldn’t be who we are. We wouldn’t enjoy the rich history, the shared experiences, the undeniable happiness or the irresistible love that makes this place so special. Without you, we’d simply be just another summer camp tucked away in the mountains of North Carolina. Without you, Highlander wouldn’t be home.


And again, THANK YOU!