Color War - The Final Day!

Color War 2017 has been every bit as exciting and competitive and fun to watch as anyone could have expected! Both the White Knights and the Red Devils have put forth their greatest effort, showcasing their speed, strength, wit, cleverness, teamwork, survival skills, endurance, resolve and determination! When facing unyielding competition, intense pressure and incredible challenges, every single camper and counselor has risen to the occasion and performed brilliantly! And it shows in the score, as this year’s Color War has been a back and forth battle of give and take … one team gains a slight lead and the other immediately answers to even the score.

The Red Devils won the Big Push on opening night … and the White Knights responded by taking the Harness Pull the following evening.

RD then grabbed a victory in the Carolina Streak on day two … but WK once again answered by winning The Mountain Relay.

And the back and forth battle didn’t relent at the halfway point, but instead spilled over into Day Three!

The day, with an assortment of events including Intermediate and Senior Archery, the Int/Sr Triathlon, Boys Ultimate Frisbee and Girls Basketball, belonged to the White Knights, as they compiled several more victories under the sun than their Red Devil counterparts.

The night, however, with the first ever Spartan Games and the age-old tradition of Rope Burning, belonged to the Red Devils as they secured the victory in both events.

Back and forth it’s been through three days, and back and forth it figures to continue until the final announcement tonight! We could not be more proud of ALL of our competitors. White Knights, Red Devils, campers and counselors alike have shown tremendous spirit, sportsmanship and skill. It takes a LOT of energy and attention to compete in Color War, and both teams have shown up in big ways! We are three days in, and as neither team is backing down an inch, it’s still far too close to call!

Today’s schedule includes a plethora of events including Serve It Up, Lake Road Carry, Bombardment, Tug of War, Lacrosse and Soccer! After dinner, we’ll conclude with Staff Basketball, Staff Volleyball and our Final Program – the play!

We’ll keep you updated throughout the day as results come in. We know it’s going to be one exciting finish!