New to You, Senior Camp!

The wait is over! Senior Camp updates have finally arrived! Senior campers are in an incredibly unique position. Whether you’ve grown up at Highlander or you’re joining us for the first time, you’re the very heartbeat of camp. Junior and Intermediate campers alike look up to you and long to be you, just as you once did to the senior campers before you. And now, after all those years, you’re finally free to navigate your own summer experience and to achieve all that you want to achieve! We realize that our senior campers, as they grow into mature young adults, receive great responsibility and high expectations. But, with this responsibility comes great freedom, and we want to celebrate that with you! So, we’ve restructured some aspects of camp, brought back a few old favorites and created some exciting new additions in order to provide Senior Camp with a summer they’ll never forget! We’ve got a LOT to fill you in on, so let’s get right down to it!

But first, say hello to your Senior Camp Head Counselors, Grant and Hannah! Like Emily, Josiah and Corinne, Grant and Hannah have been working hard to create a unique, Senior Camp theme (and t-shirt) to help establish Senior Camp as the best division on camp! They’ve also been coming up with incredible new programming (but more on that later).

In the meantime, you’ve finally made it! Remember waving goodbye to senior campers as they went on all those off-camp adventures? You know, the rafting trips, the canoeing overnights, the climbing overnights, the baseball game EP and late night bowling? Well, now those will be YOUR adventures! Whether you’re rafting down the river or belting ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’, we know you’re going to have a blast!

And even when you’re on camp, we’ve got the ultimate hangouts planned for you! We know that our senior campers LOVE to socialize with their camp friends, so we’ve lined up a ton of Late Night Senior Socials! From hayrides and ghost stories, to pizza/pool parties and bistros, Senior Camp is going to kick back and relax under the stars a lot this summer!

And if that wasn’t enough nighttime fun, each Senior Camp Brother/Sister cabin pair is going to have a chance to sponsor their very own EP with a themed dinner for all of camp! Let your imagination run wild as you help think up and decorate for the wildest, the wackiest, and the most entertaining dinner themes Highlander has ever seen!

There is one downside to all of these exciting evening escapades however … come the following morning you might find yourself exhausted. After a night of outrageous dinner themes, dazzling EP’s and late night socializing, it might be difficult to rise and shine like a happy camper the next morning. But for all of our oldest campers, that won’t be the case! To help celebrate your final year as a camper, you’ll receive your very own Highlander mug and enjoy sipping coffee or hot chocolate with your friends at breakfast! No matter how much fun you have at night, your coffee will always be waiting for you in the morning!

And finally, we’re launching a brand new program so monumental, so unprecedented, so unexpected, that every single senior camper might just add their name to the Highlander history books. Yes, you might forever change the course of CH not just for yourself and your friends, but for future generations of campers for years and years to come! How, you ask? Through our brand new, Senior Camp Shark Tank: Highlander Edition! Once a session, each Brother/Sister cabin pairing will collaborate on a big change they’d like to see at Camp Highlander. It could be ANYTHING. A new menu item or kitchen addition (soft serve machine, anyone?), a new activity, a change in programming, new rules for Color War, crazy new additions to camp, you name it! Each team will then get to present their ideas to the sharks (aka Uncle Karl, Melissa and Gaynell) with the chance for their suggestion to be selected. After the sharks deliberate, they will pick the idea they would like to implement for the summer of 2018! So, what are you waiting for? Start dreaming up your wildest camp creations … YOURS might just be the very first idea picked!

And there you have it! From the tried and true Senior Camp traditions to the exciting new opportunities to leave your mark on camp, our senior campers truly are in a position like no other. We can’t wait to welcome you all back to the mountain for what is sure to be our most memorable summer yet!