'Twas the Night Before Christmas (CH Edition)

’Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout camp,
The mountain was cold and drizzly and damp.
The trees were all barren, the creek nearly frozen,
The ground was quite frosted and the horses were dozin’.

No snow had yet fallen, not even one flake,
Though a thin film of ice floated over the lake.
The moon shown above with brightness and cheer,
Admiring its reflection on the lake’s glacial mirror.

The cabins stood empty, quiet and chilled,
The gym sadly vacant and perfectly still.
The Rec Hall was silent, no pattering of feet,
And the Dining Hall too, with nothing to eat.

The Horse Barn, Library, Slab and Crow’s Nest,
Had just settled down for a long winter’s rest.
The Sports Field, Health Hut and the Blob Dock as well,
Were peacefully quiet under the season’s cold spell.

Each part of camp, yes, every last corner,
Was happily thinking of days longer and warmer.
Each building by moonlight was wonderfully gleaming,
And spent Christmas Eve excitedly dreaming.

They dreamed of the sun and its enlightening shine,
Of colorful aspens, maples, hemlocks and pines.
Visions of wild flowers and rhododendron in bloom,
Of bright fields of green beneath a sky of clear blue.

They dreamed of fireworks, cookouts and incredible hikes,
Of EP’s and Gus’ and off-camp overnights.
They dreamed of pool parties and singing meal graces,
Of meeting new friends and familiar old faces.

They dreamed of waterfalls, of rivers, of deep rolls of thunder,
They dreamed of anything and everything related to summer.
And as they longed for camp season with its every delight,
They wished a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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