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The CIT program at Camp Highlander is a four-week training program designed to transition campers into their role as staff.

The program consists of a two-week education period, where the CIT class will live together in a cabin and participate in camp activities as a group while learning the roles and responsibilities of a counselor. During this time they will attend educational sessions, shadow other cabins and counselors, and simulate educational opportunities to better prepare them for their upcoming counselor responsibilities.

For the last two weeks of the program, each CIT will move into a cabin for on-the-job training as an Assistant Counselor, continuing to learn and grow under the leadership and guidance of two older and more experienced counselors.

The CIT Program is designed to create leaders, role models and caring staff members that will continue to serve our Camp Highlander family as phenomenal staff members for many years to come!


Eligibility is based on age, grade, and previous enrollment as a camper at Camp Highlander. All candidates must have completed their sophomore year of high school, be 16-years-old on or before June 18, 2022, and submit a completed staff application by December 31, 2021. In addition to the staff application, CIT candidates must have their parents submit a signed parent contract to be eligible for an interview.


The CIT program is held during A Session and B Session.


The four week program is $4,100.00. Upon completion of the CIT program, each CIT will receive 130 Community Service Hours for their volunteer work during the two-week portion (Session B).


If your child would like to apply for the CIT program, please follow the link below. Choose “CIT” as the position they are applying for. CITs should not apply under a parents CampMinder account or with a parents email address. Each applicant needs to have their own email address for communication during the interview process.

The electronic application must be received in the camp office by December 31, 2021.

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